Running for a cause

Its time to get into your running shoes and hit the roads

The biggest running event of the year is here, and it just cannot get bigger than this.

The Wipro Chennai Marathon 2013 organised by Chennai Runners and Wipro Technologies will be held in the city on December 1. More than ten thousand runners will be participating in an event that has created a wave of enthusiasm among the fitness freaks of the city. The different categories in the event include a full marathon for 42.2 km; half marathon for 21.1 kilometers and for the beginners there is a 10-kilometer run as well.

Talking about the event, Krishnakumar Rangachari, the president of Chennai Runners, said that the team was enthralled by the response that they got this year and added that they were sorry for those who could not register for the event since the registration is closed. “Last year we had around seven to eight thousand participants," Krishnakumar says adding,“ This year we had put a cap on the number of participants at 10,000 but even before the registrations closed we had way more than 10,000. This is really encouraging for us as organisers and as runners."

Krishnakumar says that the phenomenal increase in the number of participants in the 10 km run shows how conscious people are about their health and fitness. He says, “This year we have registered around 7,500 participants for the 10k run and as compared to last year, we have an increase of about two thousand runners. Apart from this, there are about 2000 participants for the half marathon and around 600 for the full marathon."

He also added that this time there are runners coming all the way from Dubai, United States of America and from Europe making the event an international one.

Talking about the philosophy behind the marathon run, Krishnakumar says, “ Running is both an enabler and an equaliser. You don't need the gym to run. You have the open roads and you can get a lot out of running without using any costly equipment." He also adds that running can be a great experience for anyone who wants to get away from the sedentary life and have an active mobile lifestyle.

On December 1, the Wipro Chennai marathon will start near the Government Polytechnic College and will end at the same venue after going through MRC Nagar, Marina, RBI Quarters and a short loop inside the IIT, Madras.

All the money collected for the event will go towards the United Way of Chennai, an non-profit organisation that is dedicated to improving lives in Tamil Nadu.

( Source : dc correspondent )
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