Doctors removed 2.7 kg tumour

Doctors removed 2.7 kg tum­our from man's liver at Miot hospitals.
Chennai: S. Venkatesan has underwent the surgery at Miot hospitals a week ago to get a 20x15cm tumour rem­oved from his liver.
“Taking the tumour head-on would not work in his case and, hence, we approached it from behind. We successfully removed the 2.7 kg tum­our from Venkat­esan’s liver and now he has rec­overed and is ready for discharge,” said Dr Paari Vijaya­ragavan, who ope­rated on the patient.
Similar was the case of R. Arumugam fr­om Nagercoil who also und­erwent surgery at the hospital, said Dr Ajithab Srivatsava. Treating li­ver tum­ours is done with hi-tech and a specialised team is dedicated for it, pointed out Dr P.V.A. Mohandas, chairman of Miot hospitals.
( Source : dc )
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