Getting smart with art

Published Nov 16, 2013, 7:52 pm IST
Updated Mar 18, 2019, 6:35 pm IST

Bubbling with enthusiasm and an infectious energy, Nishka Mehta goes on about her love for the arts, “Given a choice, I would paint all day long and never grow tired of it.” Turning her passion for the arts into a profession, she started Art Beat with the hope to brighten up any space with her creativity. Now with almost 2000+ likes and counting she has conducted five exhibitions in the city, painted walls and managed to woo hearts.

She started sketching at the age of five and has always been interested in drawing. She says, “I began drawing quite early but painting happened a few years ago. Initially, it was just pencil sketches and shades, later I was inspired by colours.” With such an inclination towards drawing, she wanted to become a fashion designer, “I was into creativity and naturally wanted to become a designer but did not get the right avenues for that. So, I joined Christ University and did BBM while, I took up painting as a serious hobby.” Speaking about her social networking page, Art Beat through which she meets her customers she says, “I wanted to start off in a small way and see how it works. After my first exhibition at Kitschmandi, I decided to launch my page and take a few orders.” Her work involves customers sending pictures, which she customises through her paintings. The paintings are done on canvas, posters, fridge magnets and tea coasters and sell from Rs 100 upto Rs 4,000.

She lights up the room not just with her charm but also by her intellect and creativity. Proudly speaking about doing interior designing for outlets she says, “I painted the walls and did art installations with cartoon characters and conversations. I wanted my paintings to compliment the store which was a breakfast café and so I added a lot of colour and element.”

 This pretty artist loves dancing and anything to do with creativity. “I love anything that stems from originality and I am a person who believes in innovation more than anything. It takes just a day for me to finish a painting, but ask me to concentrate and read something, it takes a lifetime,” quips Nishka.



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