A new singing star

Published Nov 15, 2013, 4:30 pm IST
Updated Mar 18, 2019, 6:23 pm IST
Remya, who proved her mettle as an actress, is now making waves as a singer.

Remya Nambeesan has to her credit many hit films. Add her latest release 'Phillips And The Monkey Pen' to the long list.

But Remya is not content being an actor alone. She has proved that apart from being a versatile actor, she can consummately juggle dancing and singing too.


Now, her crooning abilities have garnered her more compliments and fetched her opportunities from across the four southern industries.

Remya's latest song from 'Pandiya Naadu' - 'Fy fy fy kalaachify...' - has become a chartbuster and she has been receiving offers from top-notch music directors like Thaman. Remya is candid enough to admit that her star tag has helped in making her a singing star. “Me being an actor made me try my hand at playback singing! I owe cinema for that transition and I am happy that people are accepting me as a singer as much as an actor. In fact, it is a paradox that I have been receiving more awards for singing than for my acting!" she quips. Remya is currently shooting for a black humour Tamil film directed by Sree in Chennai and is delighted with the reception that her song has received in Chennai. Though Remya's acting did give her a head start in singing, she asserts that it is only talent that can sustain her singing career in the long run. She very pragmatically says, “I am working with big names and I feel blessed about it, but it is a misconception that I am getting work solely because of my acting. Music directors are acknowledging my talent and offering me songs to sing which I don't think they would if there was no talent."

She will be singing the Telugu version of 'Pandiya Naadu' as well as for a Kannada film. She quips, “People believe that I ask for singing opportunities in the films I act in. The truth is that directors feel it lends authenticity if I sing the songs I am enacting on screen." She will also be singing in Mollywood films like 'Bicycle Thieves' among others.

Known to be bold not only in her choice of roles but also her outlook, Remya does not mince words while talking about being a heroine in a male driven industry. She admits, “It is a very tough act in this male dominated industry and society! Society at large has a very negative perception of female stars. Most people think that public figures are easy targets for malicious attacks both personally and physically. Society should learn to differentiate between reel and real life. Kerala has high literacy rate but when it comes to attitude we are still backward."

Perhaps, hinting at the Shweta Menon episode she says, “An invite to a public function makes me think a thousand times before attending it. I am scared!" Talking about her career she says that it is only her hard work that is paying her dividends as she was not an overnight star nor did she have any godparents. She asserts, “I have reached where I am today on my own steam. I have seen the dark side which is why I am savouring the brightness now."

What brings a big smile to her face is her brother Rahul Subramanian's debut as a music director.

The proud sister gushes, “I am so happy that his work has been accepted. He has a long way to go but he has made a good start! It is no doubt a com start! It is no doubt a competitive field and hard work is the only factor which will help you sail through."