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Not just beauty, jewels can usher in good health

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Published on: November 14, 2013 | Updated on: Invalid date

The ornaments we wear have numerous health benefits.

The ornaments we wear — be it bangles, chain or nose ring — have numerous health benefits, according to acupuncture specialists.

Bangles balance hormones while anklets control the pelvic region, but not many understand the uses of ornaments, according to Dr. M. N. Sankar, acupuncturist.

His Magnum Health Jewellery will be inaugurated by Governor K. Rosaiah on Thursday, along with Hi-Cure Health and Beauty, on Coats Road, T. Nagar.

Since ancient times jewels were used for wellness of mankind by tuning relevant acu points.

Even Cleopatra wore magnetic jewels for her health and beauty, Mr Sankar says, adding that nano biotechnology magnet-based jewels for various ailments are being introduced after conducting trials for two years.

Magnets are embedded in the jewellery to enhance the power and reduce the healing periods and stimulate the acu points, explains Dr. Sankar.

Though many people are now aware of acupuncture, even now it’s been seen as a last resort when alternative medical therapies do not give the desired result.

"In the past, even men used to wear ornaments. If the first two kids died of cholera, then the nose of the third child was pierced.

It’s because it was believed that this would ward off any stomach problems. 

There are 122 points in the ear alone. There are health benefits from ornaments, such as the odiyanamand vanki, that our ancestors wore.

Now we have stopped using them, but once we understand their benefits we will start wearing them," says the acupuncturist.

Apart from jewellery, the new clinic will offer banana leaf and mud therapies, cosmetic acupuncture, foot detox and Laser LIPO. 

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