Pooja Misrra: 'Bigg Boss' made me a fighter

Published Nov 14, 2013, 7:47 pm IST
Updated Mar 18, 2019, 6:13 pm IST
'Bigg Boss 5' contestant Pooja Misrra makes her Bollywood debut.

Of all the contenders who have participated in reality TV show 'Bigg Boss', Pooja Misrra continues to stay one of the most ‘talked about’ participants. After creating much news in the show’s season 5, the model-turned-VJ-turned-anchor-turned-fashion designer is back to sizzle on screen with her item number in Chandra Barot’s upcoming film. Pooja, who took a sabbatical from showbiz after her Bigg Boss stint, will now be seen gyrating to the song 'Tilismi' in the movie 'Hum Baaja Baja Denge'.

“After 'Bigg Boss', I took a sabbatical for a year to be by my father’s side, who was critically ill. I was at the peak of my career then but took this decision as for me, family comes first. Now things are sorted and luckily my first step into Bollywood is ready,” says Pooja, who signed on the dotted line for purely emotional reasons. “The song was offered to me much before Bigg Boss happened. When director Chandraji met me, he said, ‘You are my climax item girl’ and signed me on. And the offer came to me with much love and conviction, Then I went into the Bigg Boss house, yet the team waited for me for the song,” she adds.


Throwing some more light on her song, Pooja says it is unlike the other numbers we see these days. “'Tilismi' means magical in Urdu, and it is a magical song with a thriller kind of feel. It’s sexy and sophisticated and has no cheesy or vulgar lyrics. I would call it a mood-lifter and feel it is perfect in every sense,” says Pooja.

Talking about what made her so famous — 'Bigg Boss' — Pooja says the show was an eye-opener for her. “The show opened my eyes. Before entering that house, I was a baby, a blank canvas. But then this show made me understand the nitty-gritty of human behaviour and psychology. It was an unpredictable place, a mad house where no one is spared. So whoever goes into that show, they need to be prepared to fight it out. The show made me a fighter and also street-smart. I take everything positively now,” shares Pooja, who till date is the contestant who got maximum eviction votes. “I was nominated for 6 weeks straight and yet the people of this country supported me and saved me from eviction. I am touched and humbled for the fact that I was never evicted for lack of votes,” she adds.


Pooja is still thankful to the show that made her a known face. “I am an eternal optimist and have moved on in life after what happened on 'Bigg Boss'. In hindsight, I have become a household name world over. People so very well know Pooja Misrra now. Plus, there is no dearth of work. I am soon starting a film called 'All Out' and a project in South as a lead. Then I have another in-house TV show that I am doing all by myself. I have my clothing line and I keep getting invites from fashion councils to participate in various fashion shows. I am running a tarot card and reiki healing company that helps people get clarity and direction in life. My plate is full for now. I feel like aworkaholic,” she concludes.