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Hijri Calendar
Jamadi-us-Sani 11,1436 AH

Fajar: 4.59 am
Zohar: 12.20 pm
Asar: 4.44 pm
Maghrib: 6.29pm
Isha: 7.42 pm
Sunset today 6.29 pm
sunrise tomorrow 6.10 am
Moonrise tomorrow 4.06 pm
Moonset today 4.01am

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Samar Acharjee reportedly said that he is dreaming of the day when he will sleep on Rs1 crore - video grab
19th Oct, 2013
Samar Acharjee from Tripura uses his Rs 20 lakh for a bed of cash to 'fulfill dream'.
18th Oct, 2013
VS had accused LDF's 'irrational' selection of candidates for its failure during last election.