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Safar 13,1437 AH

Fajar: 5.24 am
Zohar: 12.14 pm
Asar: 4.03 pm
Maghrib: 5.45 pm
Isha: 6.56 pm
Sunset today 5.39 pm
sunrise tomorrow 6.27 am
Moonrise tomorrow 6.18 pm
Moonset today 6.33 am

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Here’s a list of food that you should eat, if you aim to have a healthier skin (Photo: DC/ Pixabay)
4th Nov, 2015
Here’s a list of food that you should eat, if you aim to have a healthier skin
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23rd Sep, 2015
Increased consumption of fruits, vegetables is inversely associated with weight change
Representational image
7th Sep, 2015
Carbide-ripened fruits pose health problems
Screenshot from the video
24th Jul, 2015
This tree is a scientific marvel
Senior managing director Mototaka Nishimura of the Shibuya Nishimura luxury fruit shop displays square, pyramid and heart-shaped watermelons at the company's main store in Tokyo. (AFP)
3rd Jul, 2015
  Tokyo: Japanese consumers are used to paying through the nose for fruit, and now the summer's here there's another way for them to empty their wallets: cube and heart-shaped watermelons. But this
27th Jun, 2015
What if the fruits and the vegetables that we eat were funny in shape? Have you ever seen these stuffs looking weird and different? Here we present you with a list of unique looking specimen. 
Photo for representation purpose only.
19th Jun, 2015
Polyphenols in fruit enhances the oxidation of dietary fats
A wholesale fruit market in Thiruvananthapuram. 	(Photo: DC)
30th May, 2015
As many as 40 truckloads of vegetables arrive every day from other states