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Red brigade turns green

Published Apr 15, 2018, 12:00 am IST
Updated Apr 15, 2018, 2:31 am IST
This season, our team will use apparels made out of recycled polyester, in a bid to be environment friendly.
Pavan Deshpande and Aniruddha Joshi, RCB  players form Karnataka.
 Pavan Deshpande and Aniruddha Joshi, RCB players form Karnataka.

When it comes to caring for the environment and promoting some green sheen, team RCB has always been on point. Like every year, this year too, the Royal Challengers Bangalore is having their Go Green Game which will take place today at 4 pm at the Chinnaswamy Stadium.

This season, RCB has taken the initiative of using apparels made out of recycled polyester from used Pet bottles! When waste pet bottles were found thrown in around the stadium during the previous IPL, the idea of recycled polyester was born. Not just that, every fan who attends today’s game will be in for a ‘green’ surprise.


Amrit Thomas, Chairman, RCB says,  “We have an excellent platform in the form of T20 that attracts eyeballs far and wide and thus gives us a perfect opportunity to spread the Go Green message through the Green Match. This initiative of ours has received the love and support of fans across the state and the country. We would like to increase the levels of environmental consciousness within and outside the fan community.”

Interestingly, to make one kilo of recycled yarn, 1.3kg of bottles are required. So, to make one RCB jersey, they have utilised 15 bottles and for making a pant, they’ve used 20 bottles. Sneha Datar, a hardcore RCB buff says, “The green jersey is a symbol of the team’s promise to Go green and proof that they’re stepping up for the planet. Our RCB fan group is planning an event where we want to plant saplings to show our support for the environment.”


Talking about the green game, RCB’s all-rounder Washington Sundar says, “This initiative is very inspiring and a true motivation for all the players. Once the season is over we all miss the pleasant, always cool weather of Bengaluru, yet we don't stop and appreciate that it is what it is because of its rich, green environment. As part of RCB, all of us have a task to live upto its conferred title of the Garden City and owning it too. It is a city like no other and more than anytime, it now seeks our attention. Let’s plant more trees and if that's difficult, let's keep a watch on the ones still around us.”


Every year, RCB takes a step forward from where they were last year to encourage a carbon-free environment. “This year, to keep this positive impact stirring, we are giving away saplings to our fans who come to the stadium to watch the match. We are very happy to have a huge impact from last year by utilising solid wastes to make our players’ green jersey,” adds Amrit.

Abhishek Rao, another RCB aficionado, who’s going to watch the game today at KSCA is looking forward to donning green attire to show his support for the cause. “It’s not only about wearing a green jersey, we also need to make sure we do little things that will help protect the environment. Only if we incorporate this in our lives, will we be able to make a difference to the planet,” he opines.