The Indian Premier League 2020



Devi Kar | Prepare kids for future as worries rise amidst COVID

It is such a difficult time for school-leavers that the past seems unnaturally alluring while the future looks pretty grim

Sriram Karri | Can KCR’s gameplan stop Modi juggernaut?

BJP has already pushed TRS into a spot by making GHMC elections about nationalist Hindutva, a template it has not really been tested against

Farrukh Dhondy | Vaccines on the way… amid talk of conspiracies, Bill Gates’ role

When the vaccine was announced, instead lining up for a shot, I read all manner of lunatic anti-vaccine propaganda

Syed Ata Hasnain | China’s Ladakh chimera: India needs to stand firm

A few plain facts need to be kept in mind when examining the current situation


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The writer is a member of Compost Heap, a group of academics and activists working on alternative imaginations.
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