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Now charge your phone with blood flow

ANI | October 28, 2014, 11.10 am IST
Energy Addict. (Photo: Official website)
Energy Addict. (Photo: Official website)

Washington: A graduate student in Jerusalem has created a jewellery line called ''Energy Addicts'' that could charge mobile phones by hooking up to the wearer's veins and converting their blood flow into a source of power, and making it into a charger.


Naomi Kizhner's technology consisted of three separate jewellery pieces: the Blinker, the E-pulse, and the Blood Bridge. Each device would monitor and extract energy from different body functions: the Blinker from eyelid movements, the E-pulse Conductor from spinal cord nerves, and the Blood Bridge from lower-arm blood flow. Kizhner has claimed this energy could potentially power electronics.


Kizhner also said that this technology was not meant for selling on stores but designed to encourage people to reflect on their relationships with technology.


Watch the video here: 


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