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Public suffer due to lack of amenities

DC CORRESPONDENT | October 16, 2014, 04.43 am IST
Gas are now costing Rs 800 after Cyclone disaster
Gas are now costing Rs 800 after Cyclone disaster
Vizianagaram: The cyclone has created similar problems to the people whether they are poor or rich. All are searching for food and water. Though some have lakhs of rupees in bank accounts, they have to stand in a line to get bucket of water. Though they have sophisticated mobile phones, they are confined to use only landline. After a long time the land phones are being given more respect by the users. No ATM is working in the town and petrol and, cooking gas are not available as per the demand. The inverters are not being charged as they don’t have power supply for the last four days. So, all of them are searching for candles.
Even mosquito coils became costlier than regular price. One liter of milk costs around Rs 70 and gas cylinder is sold at Rs800. The public is running to borewells with buckets and tins for water. Even the rich people are not being exempted from this situation.Oil, sugar, wheat floor are in full demand and the retailers are not in a position to bring extra stock as the transport system is totally disturbed due to cyclone. 
Even the people of rich localities are standing in a queue with a bucket and tubs at normal wells to pull the water.The old wells are very less in number as the public is habituated to using electric motors to pump the water to their overhead tanks. But a very less number of wells are being used in some areas and the public is going there to pull water from there. The shopping complex owners are dumping the water which entered their cellars.
Due to unavailability of sufficient petrol and diesel the public is using the rickshaws  to travel to other places and shifting their goods. And some people are using pocket radios to know the news update as all television sets have been shut down. K. Madhava Rao, an advocate said, “I am recollecting my childhood days with the present situation.  We used to spend without televisions and power, now we are facing a similar situation.”


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