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Samsung Level series of mobile audio devices launched

DC | Nicole Fernandes | April 28, 2014, 15.35 pm IST

Mumbai: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd has launched a new series of premium audio devices known as ‘Level’. This series comprises of four different types of audio devices which includes hedphone models- Level Over, Level On, Level In and a Bluetooth speaker Level Box. All four audio devices allow users to take calls while listening to any type of audio and ensure the best sound clarity during their call in harmony with Samsung’s industry-leading mobile technology.

Samsung Level Over 


'Level Over' is Samsung’s flagship over-ear headphone featuring superior HD organic sound, a comfortable ergonomic design, touch controls, and wireless Bluetooth pairing. This model has an edge structure made up of Bio Cellulose prevents resonance between the vibration plate and the frame, avoiding unnecessary booming and providing the original sound.  It comes with a 50 mm Dynamic Driver, which is made of Neodymium.  Level Over also uses a hybrid type active noise cancellation, both on the headphone inside and with a mic on the outside that picks up sounds to block so that users can enjoy perfectly crystal clear music.

With the help of SoundAlive equalizer, Samsung Level Over adjusts the EQ to create the perfect balance of sound.  Official reports also stated that SoundAlive users can even apply 3D audio, bass and clarity effects to every media type, including music, streaming services, games and movies. The Samsung Level app also has a protective and smart volume monitor to prevent hearing loss along with enhanced text-to-speech capabilities.  Additionally, users can download the Samsung Level application, specially designed to enhance the Level Overexperience, from either Google Play Store or Samsung Apps.

Samsung Level On



The next headphone model ‘Level On’ has been designed to provide clear sound, flexibly dampening the airflow with a 40 mm dual layered diaphragm. It weighs about 209.8g and includes variant dimensions including 161.75x181.4x70.4 mm.  This model comes with a 3.5 mm ear jack , detachable audio cable with microphone and remote controller.

Samsung Level In

Samsung ‘Level In’ features a three-way speaker system, along with two  balanced armatures (HD Sound for Treble & Mid-Range) and a dynamic speaker (Deep bass) provides . This feature helps users to enjoy  rich sounds that cover all the low, mid, and high sound naturally and with clear sound separation, as per the official reports.

Samsung Level Box

Samsung Level Box is a compact Bluetooth speaker that features a solid metal design complete with a full metalgrille. With a large (56mm) stereo speaker and a passive radiator, the system is optimized to deliver high quality soundthat is powerful, crisp and balanced. Its official reports also further stated,  ‘The dedicated hardware design provides noise reduction and echo cancellation,and built-in microphone deliver clear voice, making it ideal for phone calls and conference calls’.

Devices without NFC capabilities can still be effortlessly connected through the speaker’s one touch Bluetooth pairing system. Controlling the speaker is also easy with its built-in buttons that allows to adjust the volume and accept or reject calls. Users can enjoy up to 15 hours of continuous playbackthrough the Level Box’s rechargeable battery.

“With the Level series, we have crafted an incredible line of audio products designed for the mobile user with organic sound, premium design aesthetics, and optimized mobile audio control,” concluded JK Shin, CEO and Head of IT & Mobile Communication at Samsung Electronics.


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