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Poor roads add to waterlogging woes

Published Oct 14, 2019, 1:51 am IST
Updated Oct 14, 2019, 1:51 am IST
The road leading to the Gayatrinagar water tank is in a very bad condition since years.
This muddy road is nothing less than hell during these rainy days, or rainy weeks.
 This muddy road is nothing less than hell during these rainy days, or rainy weeks.

MJ Colony has roads to hell
MJ Colony in Moula Ali is being neglected and treated very badly by the authorities. There is always a pile of garbage, uncleared and unattended to for many days, especially near the Bombay Heights entrance up to Road No. 5 and 6. We have tweeted pictures and registered complaints since January 2019, but nothing has been done in response. There are dozens of stray dogs in our area, which are creating panic and fear among residents, especially women and children.

They bark round the clock, especially through the night, disturbing the sleep of all residents. The road leading to the Gayatrinagar water tank is in a very bad condition since years. Last month, roads were dug in the entire area for laying pipelines, and were closed with mud, without laying a new road. This muddy road is nothing less than hell during these rainy days, or rainy weeks. We, the residents, have requested our corporator and MLA to take up these issues seriously, but they don’t respond.
— S.I. Hussaini, MJ colony, Moula Ali



Garbage near hospital in Shantinagar
I request you to publish this picture of garbage in front of rear gate of the Nice Children Hospital, Shantinagar, Masab Tank, Alamgir Masjid road. This is the condition of a hospital in a city, whose surroundings should be clean but where garbage has been not cleared for many days. Hospital authorities and the GHMC should coordinate to keep at least a children’s hospital area clean and hygienic.
— Syed Irfan, Malakpet


Garbage dump at Tolichowki X-roads
There is a huge garbage dump opposite a temple, under the flyover at Tolichowki crossroads, where waste is rotting but officials of the GHMC don’t take any action. Since it has been raining every day for weeks now, this dump has become a breeding ground for pests and flies, and the residents are suffering from various viral fevers, including dengue. There are several hotels and restaurants located very close to the dump. Even during the Dasara festival, the garbage was never removed by the GHMC.
— Mufaviz Khan, Tolichowki



Waterlogging in Old Bowenpally
This is to draw the attention of the GHMC and as well as the higher authorities that the sudden downpours have led to waterlogging, especially in Sri Sai Enclave Colony of  Old Bowenpally, Division 119, and most low-lying areas nearby. Whenever there is rain, our colonies are almost immediately inundated. Commuters and residents have a tough time in moving or stepping out, causing severe inconvenience. Vehicles are getting stranded due to water-logging at regular intervals due to unattended manhole problems in the colony since a long time, due to the gross negligence by the GHMC. We urge higher authorities to fix the issue permanently and ease sufferings of residents of this area.
— Mohammed Wasif Ali, Old Bowenpally



Overcharged for bottled water
I went out for dinner in the last week with my family to Kinara Grand, formerly known as Swagath Grand, Attapur. After having dinner, when I was about to pay the bill, I noticed that a water bottle was charged Rs 32 while the MRP (maximum retail price) is Rs 20. I request the authority concerned to look into the matter and take necessary steps.
— Hassaan Ahmed Khan, Shaikpet


GHMC not clearing garbage for Several months
It is very unfortunate that garbage is not cleared by GHMC for months. Despite many complaints about sanitary issues, the local supervisor does not respond at all. Our area, in the vicinity of Jiaguda police colony, with a police station less than 100 meters away, has became a hub of life threatening diseases. There is a school not more than 20 feet away.
— Sree Kishan, Jiaguda



Drainage overflow in Maseed Banda
The Sri Prabhupada Township in Maseedbanda of Kondapur, part of the Serilingampally mandal of Ranga Reddy district, have been suffering from a massive overflow of drainage from the past two months. No one is taking any action. It has become impossible to cross the road.
— R. Narotham Reddy, Maseed Banda


Inundation, choked drains in Sikh Village
The primary reason for city lanes and roads getting waterlogged even there is little rainfall is because of garbage- and sand-choked drainage. Over 15 days back, many homes on the ground floor were flooded in the SBI Colony, Sikh Village. The SCB sent a team of drainage cleaners and the garbage was removed. But it is still laying on the footpath of the SBI Colony and the Temple Rock enclave junction, which should be picked by the SCB Van.The question is whether SCB too doesn’t have vehicles or is its fleet also missing? (as reported about the 900 autos of GHMC on October 6). Will we be able to see our colonies getting swatchh as publicised in the “Banega Swatchh India.”
— Rinki Jagawat, Sikh Village



Save the park
I am writing to request authorities to save the park area near Naga Hills, Raidurgam, beside Prashanti Hills, Khajaguda. I request the GHMC officials of Serlingampally to immediately secure the park by constructing a bund and safeguard surrounding houses and area by laying a pipeline for the excess water flow. Due to recent rains, water has overflowed and submerged some of the houses and low laying areas, beside the park.

Due to waterlogging, there are chances of spread of dangerous diseases like dengue. Several people have reporting seeing snakes, causing fear and danger to lives of people. If kept open, the park can also be encroached upon, whose fencing has already been broken and damaged.
— T. Chandra Shekar Reddy, Khajaguda



Doctors, cure your handwriting
I am attaching a copy of a prescription I got as a registered pharmacist. Despite a Supreme Court ruling over a year ago that doctors should write in block / capital letters or print prescriptions, the rule hasn’t seen the light of the day. When would doctors start writing clearly and legibly so that patients and attendants do not have to get worried and anxious? When will we see doctors using technology to print prescriptions or write clearly for sake of correct dispensing of medicines by pharmacist? I hope this awakens the conscience of the most learned and respected set of humans.
— Deepesh Surana, Sadar Bazaar, Bolaram


Roads dug up in Singada basti not fixed
The road leading to Crescent high school in Singada Basti, Road No 10, Banjara Hills, was dug up for laying it afresh 10 days ago. But since then, no work has been carried out on thjois stretch. The locality is heavily populated area and residents are facing hardships with foul smell emitting from the dug up drains on the road. We request the GHMC, area corporator and other concerned authorities to take up the road works at the earliest and end the difficulties people in the area are facing.
— Sultan M Ahmed, Banjara Hills, Road No 10


Terrible condition of Badi Masjid
The Badi Jama Masjiq, at Qutub Shahi, in Musheerabad,is suffering from neglect for over two years now. The famed plasters of its Minarets áre falling off. The rainwater is seeping through the terraces and has become a danger for the faithful who offer prayers here. Despite several complaints to the Archaeology department, there has been no action. The most urgent attention of the Archaeology department is needed before any life is lost.
— S. Mohd & Arif Hussain, Musheerabad

Garbage Dumps in RK Nagar park
The garbage dumps at RK Nagar park in Malkajgiri lie unattended to for weeks. Due to this garbage, elderly people and kids find it difficult to use the park. People are falling ill because of the flies and mosquitoes. Kindly help us to get rid of this.
— Kalyana Bala & Balaji, Malkajgiri



Rainwaters overflow at Monda market
During the rainy season, we have an overflow of water to knee-level at Monda market. People are suffering from lots of allied problem during rains for months. The people are so vexed with this government and GHMC that there are memes going around that Monda market in Secunderabad has become a tourist attraction and a rival to the famous floating flower market of Thailand.
— Ajay Puneriya, Monda market

SV Officers Colony in a mess
The Sri Venkateshwara Officer’s Colony in Ramakrishnapuram is in a pathetic condition. We, its residents, experience frequent power cuts, sometimes five to ten times, per day. We don’t have power for four to five hours. When we call the Lal Bazaar electricity office, they do not respond. Phones are kept aside and the standard answer is the subscriber is unavailable. The AE does not pick up the phone ever when we try to reach out. When the supply is restored, often it is of either low voltage or only for one phase. Sometimes, for hours, one part of the road has power and the other side does not.


How is one supposed to manage a home, and work, operate online work, maintain electronic devices and appliances at home without power? When it comes to bills, the electricity department demands additional charges for customer service and development, fixed randomly. One wonders what service and what development?
— Catherine Philip, S.V. Officer’s Colony, R.K. Puram.


Illegal septic tank on road
On the Ocean Park main road, a new drive-in food place has sprung up, named Fire 44. The owner of the place has illegally constructed an open septic tank on the main road. Despite requests to remove it, the owner ignores the matter. The civic situation here has worsened, with drainage waste overflowing and reaching the road. It has covered the entrance of my property too. It causes health hazards to people around.
— Aashish Sirigiri, Hyderabad


Drainage water flowing in homes
I have made several complaints to the HMWS&SB, Red Hills division, about drainage water flowing into our house. It is regrettable that despite my repeated follow-ups, not action is being taking towards a repeated resolution. Every three or four days, drainage water is flowing back into our house. We are unable to stay and bear the toxic and unbearable smell. We seek immediate action to be taken for a permanent solution for this problem.

Online grievance reference: Grievance on 06/10/19, regarding chockage customer premises, registered with token number:1283. The reply was it would be addressed within 4 days and solved as per Citizen Charter.
— Mohammed Ali Nayyar, Red Hills


Clean up Akbar Hills in Upperpally
I would like to draw the attention of the Rajendranagar authorities towards the unhygienic conditions in Akbar Hills, Upperpally. The roads of the locality are filled with water and dirt. During rains, drainage and sewage water flood  our houses. It is more than 20 days now since our house has been flooded completely, as the main GHMC drain is blocked. As a result, our drinking water is contaminated. Germs and mosquitoes are breeding throughout our locality, causing illnesses and viral fevers among the residents, specially children. Repeated complaints and visits to the GHMC office at Rajendranagar have elucidated no response. I request the authorities concerned to look into this, clean the drainage and arrange for pest control.
— Dr Mohd Khadri, Akbar Hills, Upperpally


No garbage clearance at Jummerat Bazaar
I am a resident of Jummerat Bazaar, near Rani Avanti statue. The GHMC municipal workers don’t come to our area to clear the garbage. Everyday, lots of people pee in the open. People dump garbage around openly. Stray animals come and make the area their place to hang. The unbearable foul smell from garbage impacts our lives. The GHMC takes no action, despite the fact that there is a temple and a school nearby. Please remove garbage from our area.
— Rameshwari Thakur, Jummerat Bazaar

Parties create garbage, kid dies of dengue in Hussaini Alam
I am a housewife and don't want to disclose my identity out of fear in voicing this complaint. I live in Ahata Moosa Quadri in Hussaini Alam. In our locality, some people are regularly throwing parties. The problem is not their parties, per se, but afterwards they make the area unbearably dirty. It becomes difficult to walk through the street. Rains have made it disastrous. Our society has become an adda for dengue mosquitoes. Many children in the neighbourhood are suffering from dengue and other viral fevers. A boy died of dengue in our neighbourhood recently, the only son in his family. Help us to solve this problem created by these parties. The government has introduced Swacchh Bharat Abhiyaan but it is limited to theory.
— Reader



Stray animal block roads at Saidabad
It has become very difficult to drive on most roads, especially while taking turns. In particular, the road opposite the Hanuman temple, Saidabad main road, where stray animals rest on the road for days but on one takes any action. It is risking the lives of motorists and creating severe traffic bottlenecks.
— Abdul Aleem, Hafez Baba Nagar