Saturday, Oct 10, 2015 | Last Update : 06:11 PM IST

Hijri Calendar
Zilhajj 25,1436 AH

Fajar: 5.08 am
Zohar: 12.13 am
Asar: 4.19 pm
Maghrib: 6.04 pm
Isha: 7.11 pm
Sunset today 5.58 pm
sunrise tomorrow 6.08 am
Moonrise tomorrow 3.52 am
Moonset today 4.24 pm

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Believed to be sitting atop large deposits of oil and natural gas, the island chain is also claimed by Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia and Brunei. (Photo: AFP)
China says it will help guide passing vessels and significantly improve navigation...
At least 30 people were killed in twin blasts that ripped through the centre of Ankara. (Photo: Twitter)
Twin blasts ripped through the centre of Ankara where activists were gathering for a...
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. (Photo: PTI)
Modi has no time for farmers and is only helping three or four business friends: Rahul