Tuesday, Aug 04, 2015 | Last Update : 12:49 AM IST

Hijri Calendar
Shawwal 17,1436 AH

Fajar: 4.50 am
Zohar: 12.32 pm
Asar: 4.50 pm
Maghrib: 6.54 pm
Isha: 8.07 pm
Sunset today 6.49 pm
sunrise tomorrow 5.56 am
Moonrise tomorrow 9.13 pm
Moonset today 8.38 am

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India’s manufacturing activities rose to a six-month high in July following an increase in new orders form both domestic and overseas market.
The survey said, there was an evidence of building pressures on the capacity of Indian...
Devotee praying (Photo: AP)
Bhagvan’s stuti cleanses the heart, removing from it all the accumulated impurities
Yakub Memon. (Photo: Twitter)
Yakub Memon represents a more invidious and perhaps even more dangerous threat