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The reality behind a viral video mocking a bank cashier is inspiring

Published Oct 31, 2016, 3:28 pm IST
Updated Oct 31, 2016, 3:28 pm IST
The reality came to light through an activist (Photo: Facebook)
 The reality came to light through an activist (Photo: Facebook)

Pune: One important lesson people should’ve learnt in the years following the advance of the social media is not to believe in every other thing that goes viral on the internet, but it seems that users never learn and go on to judge people without even verifying posts about them.

Even as several videos including the clip of an allegedly drunk cop in a Delhi metro turned out to have a completely different story than what was being propagated through the video, another video showing a cashier slowly counting currency in a bank went viral last week.

The video titled ‘Fastest cashier in the world’, was clearly aimed at making fun of the slow pace at which the woman was counting money behind her counter. But it turns out that the woman was doing so to make sure there are no mistakes, since she had resumed service after surviving two paralysis strokes and a heart attack.

The reality came to light when an activist Kundan Srivastava shared the reality in a Facebook post after seeing how the woman was being mocked ever since the video went viral.

The woman laughed at for her trait that seemed to indicate incompetence actually turned out to be a person dedicated to her job despite facing health issues. 



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