Way to go Equal rights!

Published Sep 8, 2018, 12:11 am IST
Updated Sep 8, 2018, 12:11 am IST
Political as well as K’town celebs hail the verdict even as they take a subtle dig at the government.
Khushbu Sundar and Shriya Saran
 Khushbu Sundar and Shriya Saran

When the government had not considered repealing Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, which criminalizes consensual gay sex, it was a five-judge Supreme Court’s bench, which passed a historic judgment on Thursday decriminalizing Section 377 making gay sex legal. Political as well as K’town celebs hail the verdict even as they take a subtle dig at the government.

Actress/politician Khushbu Sundar and it’s Nakhat Khan for BJP 
“Religion is and never should be of any importance. Respecting human and humanity is. We have taken a step forward in these stifling claustrophobic times we are facing today. Humanity wins, must win at every given point, no matter what those who do not agree with the judgment.  Democracy allows you, your point of view, but do not pull down those who celebrate #LGBTQ”
She adds, “#Section377, a historic judgment on #LGBTQ by the Apex court. To live with dignity is the birth right of every living being. Orientation, preference, likes and dislikes are personal choices. Our friends might be different from us but that does not change what we feel for them. United we stand. Friends of #LGBTQ love you n respect, no matter what”.


Kanimozhi Member of Parliament
Law should not dictate personal choices we make in our lives!  Well-done SC for this historic verdict! The rights of #LGBTQ community are finally recognized and India has taken an important step towards fulfilling its universal human rights obligations. Hope we move towards a more liberal, tolerant and inclusive society. 

Actor Siddharth
When Judges speak with such beauty you want to fall at their feet and say thanks. Why is it raining in my eyes dammit? Thank you Honorable #SupremeCourt for showing once again that you are the protector of ALL of our people. Love and wishes to all my Indian #LGBT family. What a wonderful day! Be you. Be true! To each individual who fought for this day, #Respect Bye #Section377 Jai Hind!

Actress Kasturi Shankar
Article 377 was a law founded on outdated religious belief. It has no place in a secular progressive nation. Huge win for LGBT rights . Time to change a lot more religiously motivated laws. 

Trisha Krishnan:
Way to go! #Equalrights #Section377 #JaiHo!

Shriya Saran: 
So so so so happy! Finally we are truly liberated. Heading there.