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Video: Mumma ferret showing of her kits is one of the sweetest videos ever

Published Jun 23, 2017, 4:45 pm IST
Updated Jun 23, 2017, 4:55 pm IST
Ferret mum shows of her new kits to owner (Photo: Facebook)
 Ferret mum shows of her new kits to owner (Photo: Facebook)

The bond shared between animals and humans are often the most endearing ones. None can speak the other’s language but the camaraderie that blossoms between them is beyond the mores of mere speech.

A video has recently been released showing a proud ferret mum determined to demonstrate her babies to her human, even if it means grabbing his finger with her mouth and dragging his hands towards the box with her kits or newborns are in. It seems that mumma Ferret would rather the owner baby-sit while she takes a much needed alone time!

The video which has since then gone viral online has people commenting that it is one of the sweetest things that they have seen.

Baby ferrets, or kits are born with soft baby fuzz instead of fur and are blind, deaf and without teeth. Ferret mums are known to be extremely protective of their offsprings and can know if even one of them is missing.

The video of the mum ferret trying to show of her new litter is one of the most endearing visuals one can ever see.

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