Saturday, Sep 05, 2015 | Last Update : 11:21 AM IST

Hijri Calendar
Ziqaad 20,1436 AH

Prayers (Shahi Masjid)
Fajar: 5.02 am
Zohar: 12.25 pm
Asar: 4.36 pm
Maghrib: 6.33 pm
Isha: 7.42 pm
Sunset today 6.27 pm
sunrise tomorrow 6.03 am
Moonrise today 11.55 pm  
moonset tomorrow 12.21  pm

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Saturday, 2015
Sri Vijaya:
Sravana Bahula Ashtami till 3.30 am (Sunday)
Rohini till 12.11 am (Sunday)
4.17 pm to 5.52 pm; 5.53 am (Sunday)
6.6 am to 7.44 am
9 am to 10.30 am
Sunset today:
6.27 pm
Sunrise tomorrow:
6.03 am
Think twice before you sign a major financial deal. At work, you could get the opportunity to lead a new project. But, also remember to take time out from your hectic schedule to be with family.
A friend could be hiding important information from you. A project at work might not be successful but don’t worry, your efforts won’t go unnoticed.
Today, you will be looking forward to share your feelings with your partner. If you want to achieve success at work, you will have to work harder.
Keep a check on your finances. A confrontation with your partner could result in separation. Promotion is on the cards for some of you.
Think things through and don’t jump into conclusions. Don’t get involved in controversies at work. Also, learn to trust your partner. Monetary crunch could delay a long-awaited plan.
Businessmen are likely to suffer some setbacks on failing to meet a deadline. If you have been suffering from an ailment make sure you visit the doctor soon. Plan an evening out with friends and family.
Today, you are likely to be assigned the responsibility of leading the staff and managing the day-to-day operations. At work, new opportunity could also come your way soon. Romance is on the cards.
Plan a trip with your childhood friends. This will help you feel better and will also make you realise their importance. Keep a check on your health.
You expect a lot of things from a certain someone. But don’t be disappointed when things don’t work out well with this person. Travel is on the cards for you.
A friend could confide in you today, make sure you keep it to yourself. Financially, it will be a good day for you. Spend time with your partner.
Your partner will bring out the best in you today. Professionally, this is a good time for you as you get new projects. A social gathering will help you build new contacts.
You’ll certainly have a very good day at work, thanks to the jolly atmosphere. Friends could try to cheer you up. Plan a vacation soon away from the city. Keep a check on what you are eating, as you could fall ill.
Jonathan Cainer
September brings a mid-month Solar Eclipse, then a Lunar Eclipse. It does not matter where you live or what you see. But some may argue that those who witness such cosmic phenomena get a special grace. We all find ourselves facing challenging change at such times. And that change, though it often seems daunting at first, is never without new hope. The phase between two eclipses is often considered a magical time when ‘anything can happen’. This particular passage through what some call a ‘portal of possibility’ should be especially interesting because it coincides with a retrograde Mercury.
Aug 30 2015 - Aug 30 2015
It is perfectly possible to run up a descending escalator. You just have to go at some speed and push a little further and faster than you might normally consider comfortable. Ah, but what if the escalator's owner is cranking a handle that increases the rate of belt rotation? Then, no matter how hard you try, you aren't going to get anywhere, are you? How very fortunate then, that this is not the case as far as you are concerned in September. A situation may look tricky but if you give it your best shot, you will succeed! In your love life: Be wary of a potentially unhealthy symbiosis in a key relationship now
A big issue on the home and family front has been troubling you for some while. It puts you in a quandary. It calls for a decision. If that involved a choice that was easy to make, you would have made it long ago. On top of which, there have lately been other pressures; stresses and strains relating to work and money. In mid-September, Venus (the ruler of your sign) ends its recent phase of retrograde motion, signifying that a far more fruitful phase of your future has arrived at last. Not all your problems will vanish; but much will get easier. In your love life: Your fan club has many followers; and part of the attraction is your mystique. Don’t try too hard to be accessible.
Why does it so often seem as if whenever you try to take one step forward, you end up taking two steps back? Is it to do with being a Gemini? You are quick-witted but if you go a little too fast, you then get to repent at leisure what was decided in haste. Much really depends on the size of those steps. If the ones that take you ahead are big enough, the little ones that take you back a bit won’t matter. September brings a new iteration of that old shuffle. This may mean slow progress, it doesn’t mean no progress! In your love life: Ignore your concerns. Your solution is as close to perfect as you’re ever going to find. It’s now time to apply it.
You ought to trust your own intelligence. Your intuition is impeccable. But at times, when you attempt to explain what you feel, you fear that it makes little or no sense. Derisory comments from those who imagine themselves to have smarter minds, leave you wondering why you bothered to say anything. But surely, it’s far better to be right for the wrong reasons than wrong for the ‘right’ ones? You have long thought that something must be one way yet have been told that it is another. September’s Solar Eclipse implies vindication. In your love life: You are about to enjoy significant increase in status. Step, with humility, into your position of power.
A regular visit from Venus to any zodiac sign lasts about a month. But this year, that planet’s involvement with Leo began in June. Well, who can blame the traditional goddess of love and beauty for spending so much time in your sector of the sky? Lately, though, you have begun to wonder whether for all your charm, style, elegance and grace, you might be better off with a bit more material strength and support. During September, Venus remains in Leo, bringing you more of what you need most, and less of what you need least! In your love life: Disentangle yourself from negative responses. Resist the urge to get further into something you need to let go of.
Even if you can’t witness September’s Solar Eclipse in your sign, you will feel the influence and potentially benefit greatly. I say potentially, because it is possible that you will experience a degree of trepidation and discomfort. If you allow this to get to you, if you indulge it and wallow in it, you may find that you feel uninspired about pursuing an opportunity. You may even, indeed, perceive it as an unwanted difficulty, instead of a gift from a benign cosmos. But if you open your eyes to hope, you will soon see plenty. In your love life: Don’t let this sleeping dog lie! Wake it up. Make it bark and draw the attention of someone who can help.
Somebody once said, ‘all’s fair in love and war’. I wonder who it was? I bet it was a Libran! People born under your sign, are very keen to ensure that things are fair, though some might argue that Librans are particularly keen to be fairest of all to themselves. But that’s hardly fair at all, is it? In September, with Mercury retrograde in your sign, you may find many reasons to reconsider old ideas about what’s justified and why. But there will be far more love than war, especially if you do your best to see someone else’s viewpoint. In your love life: You are just having a minor wobble. Steady yourself. A development very soon will bring an inspiring revelation.
Well now, here it comes, the moment all Scorpios have been waiting for. September is when slow-moving Saturn leaves your sign. This, depending on which astrological authority you consult, means either ‘an end to an old problem’ or ‘the loss of a convenient scapegoat that can be blamed for everything’. It may mean a bit of both. You will soon enjoy a greater sense of freedom and it will also become clear that what was once seen as the cause of a problem, is really not so troublesome after all. It will be a good month. In your love life: You can’t break the rules of nature to make the ‘impossible’ happen. But you may be able to bend the rules a little.
Saturn entered your sign last year. Then, in June, slipped briefly back into the preceding sector of the zodiac. Now it returns to ensure that you focus your mind, summon your strength, rise to your challenge and deal with a series of duties that must be discharged. That may sound a little ominous but there is something most auspicious about this astrological placement. Think back to all the times that you have said to yourself, ‘one day, I will get around to this and fix that.’ September is when it all starts to happen. In your love life: Don’t feel inadequate because your life is not Bollywood. That’s a fantasy; you can create real natural magic now.
Do you have something to apologise for? Are you in danger of letting anyone down? I ask only because I see an apparent cause for concern looming on your heavenly horizon and I am keen to ensure that this does not dominate your month, resulting in a stultifying September. Begin as you must go on by refusing to be daunted by the double-headed demon of guilt and anxiety. Refuse it admission. Bar its way with levity and faith. Focus only on what’s bright this month and all will yet turn out delightfully well for you. In your love life: Are you so upset about something big that you are directing your opprobrium at something small? Focus on the big issues.
Nothing is more unnerving than the unknown. Where certainty brings us comfort, uncertainty creates angst. And wherever there is doubt, there is room for anxious imagination to create conjecture that causes consternation. That’s why your September outlook is encouraging. It brings clarity where there has previously been confusion, and the reassuring end to an unnecessarily sorry saga. If only you had known then what you know now? Ah, but you know it now — or you will do later this month. What else matters? In your love life: Mischief? Or harmless pleasure? It may soon be time to think about drawing a line. But not necessarily right now!
If the darkest hour is always just before the dawn, why don’t we just abolish dawn? All that hanging around in the morning mist, waiting for the sunrise. It may be very tranquil and magical once the light starts to shine but is it really worth all that anticipatory trauma? Why, of course, it is. When ‘all’s well that ends well’, we soon forget what wasn’t looking so well just before this. September brings the grand finale of a drama that has been intensifying for months now. Can it have a happy outcome? Most definitely. Just trust in this. In your love life: Events are making you face a choice. Raise your spiritual consciousness or sink into a sense of unnecessary unease.