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Hijri Calendar
Safar 19,1437 AH

Fajar: 5.27 am
Zohar: 12.15 pm
Asar: 4.04 pm
Maghrib: 5.46 pm
Isha: 6.58 pm
Sunset today 5.40 pm
sunrise tomorrow 6.31 am
Moonrise tomorrow 11.42 pm
Moonset today 11.42 am

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Wednesday, 2015
Sri Vijaya:
Kartika Bahula Saptami till 12.07 am [next day early hours]
Magha till 6.22 am [next day early hours)
5.11 pm to 6.57 pm
11.43 am to 12.27 pm
12 noon to 1.30 pm
Sunset today:
today 5.40 pm
Sunrise tomorrow:
6.31 am
You need to get enough sleep for a good day at work. Be more realistic about your dreams. Exercise will help you calm your mind. Don’t follow a routine else you’ll get bored or depressed.
Indulge in thrilling activities and meet new people. This is the time to make huge investments Try to get a positive perspective to enjoy the little things around.
Your business will take a positive turn. It’ll be a good day at work today. Keep a positive attitude and be confident at work because a promotion is on the cards.
It’ll be a favourable time for business communications. You should take calculated risks in business matters. Maintain a peaceful relationship with your spouse. Avoid extended traveling.
You will make good progress in studies. Today you might buy new properties. Some of you might receive awards for your research work. You can gain profits on the professional front.
You are likely to make a good start in the new year. Try to spend money wisely. You might have to postpone your vacation. Women need to be extra careful about the relationship with their spouse. Your health will remain stable.
Realtors have to be cautious about their deals. Try to avoid unnecessary arguments. You might want to avoid traveling for some time. A marriage in the family will bring happiness.
Some of you may acquire your own house. Those who are chronically ill should take care of their health. An influential friend might be helpful to you.
You are recommended to focus on your studies to gain success. Your hard work will pay off at work. You’ll have to be extra cautious in financial matters.
Today you’ll notice that your health is recovering. Love will bring joy in your life.You might succeed in earning great benefits.
You might receive some good news from a family member Friends will help you out of a financial crisis. You might fail to get new opportunities to develop your personality.
Today, you might suffer from nasal allergy like running nose. It is a good time to go on a short trip with family members. Avoid investing in new ventures. Some of you will plan to go on an adventure trip.
Jonathan Cainer
Nov 29 2015 - Dec 04 2015
You can’t do it all alone. None of us can, no matter how highly we prize our independence. We need people to work with and to be with. And even if we can’t abide those people and they hold us in equally low regard, we still need to know that they are there, if only so that we can prove points to them, score points over them or satisfy ourselves that, even if we are not perfect, at least we are not this person — or that one! In December a relationship that has lately been getting strained, gets easier, happier and more productive. In your love life: Are you getting what you wish you weren’t getting? Then just give out more of what you wish you were getting instead!
Isn’t this the time of year when we all start wondering whether we should be forgiving and forgetting? Are we not approaching the season of goodwill? Even if your enthusiasm for this festival is less than Santa’s, even if you find the idea of forgiveness unforgivable and would like to forget about forgetting, some kind of compromise has to be reached, some sort of deal must be done. That can happen in December — and, no matter what is now irking or upsetting you, there can yet be a delightful outcome to a tense tale. In your love life: You feel as if you can’t do enough to assist someone. Are you being overly generous? Not really. Trust that instinct.
Whose big idea was it to make December a month of jollity and frivolity? What were they thinking? Didn’t they know how miserable this time of year can be? Perhaps they did. Perhaps that’s exactly why they turned it into the run up to a holiday. Stop and think, even if it pains you, about all that now seems wrong in your world. No matter how much you wish you could alter, no matter how anxious, edgy or even angry you feel, your life can be every bit as magical and joyous. And before the month is over, you’ll see new hope. In your love life: How well do we truly know someone? In your personal life now, there is a chance to make a delightful discovery.
Not all Cancerians are superhuman. Well, actually, they are -— and so, of course, you are! Don’t forget that superheroes face super challenges. Either they have enemies as powerful as themselves or they face circumstances that demand their all. And when up against such seemingly impossible odds, they must always first go through a process of doubt and disbelief during which it looks, for a little while, as if they have met their nemesis. Your story in December may fit this pattern. But it will yet have a heroic outcome. In your love life: It is in giving that we receive, as Saint Francis of Assisi observed so wisely. Heed him. Happy events will naturally ensue.
There is more to life than popularity. More, too, even than success! There is happiness, contentment, fulfilment, comfort, inspiration, delight and joy. When we feel such things in our hearts, we soon forget life’s trials and tribulations. Those unsolved problems and those nagging concerns pale into insignificance. But in order for that to happen, the heart must be uplifted and opened. Something, this month, will send a spark of magic into your world. Show it gratitude and fan the flame of faith. In your love life: Might the best way to improve a small problem involve not standing your ground but giving a little of it.
A lot of serious things are going on in the world and in your life, too. Ought we to list these and consider them all in an appropriately sombre fashion? Isn’t it disrespectful to focus on hope and happiness when there are so many wrongs to right? In truth, there is only ever one antidote to negativity. Darkness is just the absence of light and when we allow our hearts to fill with hope and positivity, we glow so brightly that we chase away the shadows which have been looming large. You will find just such a light this month. In your love life: Frustrated because things are just not happening? Don’t dwell too long on that or you may miss an opportunity.
Any watch or clock, be it digital or analogue, tells a barefaced lie with each tick and tock. And if it is silent? The deception is all the more insidious, for timepieces uphold the crazy fallacy that every second, minute and hour is of equal length. Do not our own eyes, ears, hearts and minds disprove this to us daily? Yet logic insists it knows best and foolishly, we defer. Mars will cause December to fly by so fast. Run with it and seize every chance it brings to shake yourself free of false fear as you now rush towards greater happiness. In your love life: Don’t wait for someone to love you in order to become complete. You will be loved for who you are and what you are.
Once a year, every year, come rain or shine, Venus visits Scorpio. She can arrive as early as September or as late as January. Though her presence is almost always fleeting, it does your heart such good. You feel, for a while, as if you have sipped the restorative waters of the fountain of eternal youth, so great is your sense of rejuvenation. Others sense this and grow inexplicably attracted to you. How long does the magic last? That depends how wisely you seize your chances. There will be many of these this month. In your love life: Beauty’s only skin deep. Charm is more important. Just work on being the best person that you know how to be.
Sagittarians thrive on challenge, adventure and excitement. Or so, at least, my colleagues insist. So it must be true. As too, must be the assertion about your high moral and ethical standards and your commitment to justice. If only you had a few superpowers too, you would be an ideal candidate to join the Avengers. Such extraordinary abilities have lately been in short supply. But between now and the end of the year, you may yet discover that you do indeed have special skills and can attain some amazing victories. In your love life: Under the sign of the archer, you have to be open to opportunity when it presents itself - as you’ll see this week.
The world, it seems, is in a shocking state. We only have to watch the news. Are things really getting worse? Or might it simply be that our journalists are getting better at their jobs? Maybe there is less to report but we are hearing more disturbing detail about that smaller number of stories. I make this point for a purpose. We could ask much the same about your own personal inner news desk and the tales at the top of your personal agenda. A situation is actually vastly improving this month. Don’t let false fear quell your optimism. In your love life: Think only the finest thoughts about someone and their behaviour will start to reflect their intuitive recognition of this.
It can seem, at times, as if we allow things to matter to us at our peril — and as if we also put ourselves at risk when we develop intense emotional bonds and attachments. Don’t these just make us vulnerable? Don’t they compromise our independence and sap our strength? Just imagine how powerful and successful we might be if only we didn’t care about anyone or anything. But what meaning or merit would life have then? December’s events touch tender sensitivities but it also brings priceless rewards. In your love life: A conversation is required to nurture empathy. That means listening, caring and supporting, not just proving points.
If you could close your eyes and make a wish, what would you wish for? And if that proved a wish too far, what would your next choice be? And the one after that? If you were to spend December undergoing just such a process, you might eventually get to the point where you began to feel far more enamoured with your current situation. It really isn’t as bad as you have recently started to suspect, especially if you stop to consider how much worse some things could be. More wishes than these will soon come true. In your love life: There is much to be said for trust. Don’t raise your defences, lower your guard and all will be well.


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