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Wednesday, Jul 23, 2014 | Last Update : 08:53 AM IST
Hijri Calendar
Ramzan 24,1435 AH
Fajar: 4.45 am
Zohar: 12.32 pm
Asar: 4.54 pm
Maghrib: 6.58 pm
Isha: 8.13 pm
Sunset today 6.53 pm
sunrise tomorrow 5.53 am
Moonrise tomorrow 2.46 am
Moonset today 4.01 pm
Iftar: Today 6.58 pm
Sehri: Tomorrow 4.23 am


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Wednesday, 2014
Sri Vijaya:
Ashadha Bahula Dwadasi till 10.10 pm
Rohini till 7.42 am
1.49 pm to 3.34 pm
11.56 am to 12.48 pm
12 noon to 1.30 pm
Sunset today:
6.53 pm
Sunrise tomorrow:
5.53 am
The day is favorable for starting new ventures. You also might get a job offer today. There could be some changes at your workplace and you may be forced to adjust.
Today, you are likely to resolve problems on the business front. Some of your colleagues might seek financial help but be careful while lending.
You might need to work independently since your peers are unlikely to support you. There could be minor arguments at your home today.
Children will seek your attention. Make note of any mistakes at work and try to correct them as soon as possible. Your hard work will soon show results.
You might have trouble executing your ideas but your colleagues will support you all the way. It is therefore necessary to listen and work wisely, in order to make progress.
Discuss your ideas with people whose opinion you value in order to have a productive day. You will also take part in spiritual activities today. Your love life could go through a bit of a turmoil.
Make up your mind about going ahead with a particular project and be sincere about the work you put in. You might not be able to spend time with a loved one today.
You will be filled with positive energy but your authority might be challenged at work. Be persuasive in negotiations you are made part of.
You will be too busy to be able to settle down and commit to something for an extended period of time. Don’t leave relationships to chance today.
Today, will be a good time to sit with family members and share joys and sorrows with them. Your parents will support you in every decision you take.
You might be on the brink of an emotional outburst at work today, so control yourself. But in your partner, you will find a much needed source of support.
Your decisions may lack judgment so don’t sign any documents without thorough research. Even though you will have finances at your disposal, be careful about what you spend.
Jonathan Cainer
Saturn is the planet of ‘must’ and ‘must not’. It governs don’t-you-dare and you-won’t-get-away-with-this. It is specially relevant to people who take an interest in comeuppance or who can’t resist “I-told-you-so”. Since March it has been going through one of its retrograde phases, which, according to some astrologers, implies an impeded influence. Can you guess what happens when the planet that holds things back is itself, held back? We may notice a slowdown this week as it heads forward again, much to the delight of naysayers and curmudgeons.
Jul 20 2014 - Jul 26 2014
The laws of ‘cause and effect’ are not always as straightforward as we might wish. Things happen. We think, while they are happening, that we know why they are happening. Then, later, we realise that they have happened for an entirely different reason. If only, at the time, we had understood more and assumed less, we would have made other choices. There is no point in looking back wistfully now, but you should look forward wisely and ask whether you need to know more before you make your next major move. In your love life: A relationship is making you feel alien, like a stranger in a strange land. But it might yet bring a close encounter.
They say, ‘Blessed are they who have no expectations for they shall not be disappointed.’ Then again, you could argue that, ‘Cursed are they who have no expectations for they shall never have anything to look forward to.’ There are two sides to every story. You can get right into what is happening now or stand right back from it. Or, if you prefer, you can oscillate and be passionate one moment, ambivalent the next. One thing there’s no argument about now, though, is that soon there will be a big, positive shift. In your love life: Sometimes we don’t know where we are going. Participation is all. Just enjoy the challenge of each moment.
You do not suffer fools gladly. It often amazes you how long it can take others to recognise what to you is already obvious, essential and urgent. Sometimes, rather than wait frustratedly for the penny to drop, you can end up deciding that you just don’t care... and would rather turn your attention to a matter that requires less explanation and co-operation. This, though, is a luxury you cannot afford to indulge in at the moment. Be as nice and as patient as you can manage to be, things will change sooner than you think. In your love life: Some changes take a while to become part of everyday life. You may be about to find that the time has arrived.
Planet earth is blue and there’s nothing I can do.’ So goes the old David Bowie song. The lyrics are factually correct. We have photographs to prove it. And how many other blue planets exist? This is a rare and wonderful place and the people who inhabit it are magical, marvellous, folk. It’s true, we can all get blue at times. But even if we complain until we are blue in the face, we can’t improve through anger. If you truly seek the right kind of change this week, you must nurture acceptance and inspiration. In your love life: Stop worrying about things that you don’t fully understand. Stick with what you know and trust.
The clock on the wall says one thing. Our experience, though, says another. Some minutes last an hour. Some hours seem to flash by in a minute. Some years will remain in your memory forever. There are, though, months on end that you have difficulty recalling. You are now caught up in a process that seems to be taking an eternity. Actually, it is happening fairly fast. But this week, stop worrying or wishing that you could somehow hasten everything along to the next stage and you will find they move on quicker. In your love life: Whatever you do or don’t do, you may upset someone. Just be honest with yourself about what you feel.
If your life is a soap opera, this is the bit where the scriptwriters hold a conference. They say, ‘Are we just going to flesh out the obvious incidents that might naturally ensue from the last set of choices you made? Or are we going to go for a major rewrite? Are we going to move a new character in or out of a story? Shall we introduce or remove some significant element? You really do have that much power and more over your own life now. Use it wisely. Use it well. Use it to get what you truly need and deserve this week. In your love life: Be less sceptical. An opportunity that is arising is not a trick, a trap or a test. It’s a gift that you should embrace.
It is not just actions that speak louder than words. We can read plenty, too, into inactivity. When somebody doesn’t do something, it can say as much or more - especially if it is a something that they said they were going to do. Make sure that your actions are not ambiguous or open to interpretation this week. Put your money where your mouth is. Don’t just give a commitment; give a demonstration. You are in an excellent position now to take the lead and change the outcome of a process that has become bogged down. In your love life: An encouraging outlook? The best ever? Maybe. Don’t measure now against what you a misremembered past.
The classic comedy example involves a table with a wobbly leg. In an attempt to make it stand evenly on the floor, you saw off a little bit from the other three legs. Unfortunately, you don’t get the measurements quite right. Now, one of the other legs is short. So you have to start all over again. The same thing happens. Until eventually, your table is only inches above the floor and it is still wobbling! That’s what can happen when you set out to solve a problem. But it is not what has to happen to you this week. Just go carefully. In your love life: Your future is looking excellent. Exceptional. You’re nearly at the end of a problem and the start of the solution.
Some people are sticklers for the letter of the law. They will not allow so much as the tiniest transgression. Others are happier to be spontaneous. In between these two extremes lie most of the rest of the human race. If put on the spot, we normally feel obliged to say whatever we feel is ‘the right thing to say’. If our attention is not drawn to a particular matter, we are happy to turn a blind eye to it. The official answer to this week’s big question probably has to be ‘no’. But you could try not asking for permission in the first place. In your love life: You’re soon going to get a chance to draw on an almost forgotten resource and reveal a hidden treasure.
Don’t underestimate your advantage. You may not yet feel as if you are a regal figure striding like a colossus across a field of Lilliputian enemies. But then, much can change between now and the end of the week... and much will. We have passed one major cosmic milestone and are now slowly heading towards another. Everything that the last event did not achieve for you will yet come to pass in the coming weeks. Don’t be daunted by anyone or anything. You are well on the way to getting what you need. In your love life: You are not interested in ifs, buts and maybes. You want straight answers to simple questions. You may just get them.
Sometimes people take the most convoluted routes from A to B. They feel more comfortable going via the places they know. They figure that, in the end, it is probably quicker than to risk misreading a map and going even further out of their way. Then, one day, someone shows them a short-cut and suddenly, the quicker path is no longer so unfamiliar. You are about to be helped in a similar way, not necessarily with a journey, but with a process that has been taking up far too much of your time, energy and concentration. In your love life: Your have lost a bit of confidence. Yet, nothing need impede you. You can recover from all recent stress.
All too often we let our fears get the better of us. We waste precious days getting so caught up in our concerns that we can hardly think about anything else. Eventually, the clouds clear and we see how silly we have been. Our most valuable possession is not life: it is the ability to enjoy life. If that is taken away from us or if we inadvertently cut ourselves off from it we lose everything. Over the next few days you will have much to celebrate and your ability to enjoy it should be relatively unimpaired. Relax this week. In your love life: No one understands everything. You’ve got to be clever enough to think again about a sensitive matter.