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Sahil Dahiya: A 21-year-old man taking the e-commerce industry by storm

Published Oct 8, 2020, 4:09 pm IST
Updated Oct 8, 2020, 4:09 pm IST
With confidence & trust on yourself as an individual & an entrepreneur, one can achieve anything, believes Dahiya.
Sahil Dahiya
 Sahil Dahiya

The way technological innovations have seen a rise in the recent past, one could only think of a future that could literally transform many aspects of the tech world, to say the least. Moreover, it the youngsters that eye more on such advancements all over the world because they are aware of the many benefits the field can offer & also they look for various opportunities the online or the virtual space can provide them with. It would be difficult to draw a list of the people who are already reaching heights with their online businesses & some who are emerging in the field as an astute entrepreneur.

Also since we are talking about youngsters, there are some who study rigorously since the start scoring great in their academics, while there are some rare gems in the world that are not made to be in the rat race of the world, in fact, they carve out their own path in the quest for a better future or career. It is not their academics that decide their future, but the talents they possess that help them to become a success story in a competitive world scenario. We are talking here about a young lad named Sahil Dahiya, still under 25 but the one who can be called a flourishing entrepreneur today. He is giving major goals to many out there to motivate & encourage them through his journey & prove them that at the end of the day, it is only about what you believe you can achieve & become successful the way you wish to be.


Going against all the odds in life, Dahiya made a decision for himself to become an entrepreneur after completing his 12th grade in 2017. The will to become a businessman & the will to earn a lot of money took Dahiya from being just a student to becoming a prominent name in the e-commerce industry. Just like any youngster, Dahiya too had many ideas in mind which he wanted to transfigure into something huge that could change his life. So, while he was still in his teens he started developing a lot many ideas for his business, a lot of trial & errors happened as it would at the start of any business, but failures never stopped Dahiya. He kept going & came to the conclusion of opening up his online dropshipping store, after realising the many opportunities that the e-commerce industry can offer him.


In 2018, Dahiya made up his mind that he would become an entrepreneur & make optimum use of the ultimate opportunities that the industry would offer him & help him grow as an individual & as a businessman.

The first challenge that Dahiya faced while starting his business was the shortage of funds to invest in his business. To overcome this hurdle, Dahiya decided to start working as a freelancer. With this, he ventured into doing many online works that included running Facebook ads on online platforms as well as doing various digital marketing works. This made Dahiya learn the many tricks of the business & after accumulating enough knowledge & collecting the funds required for his business, he opened up his online dropshipping store, but at a small scale initially.


After putting in rigorous hours & working day & night for scaling the business, Dahiya achieved all that in a short period of time & became one of the youngest guns of the e-commerce industry with a flourishing business at hand. From doing work as a freelancer & being a 'sidepreneur' as people call it in the industry, Dahiya changed the game for himself starting the e-commerce business of his own & even became successful with it.

At the age of only 21, Dahiya is in a comfortable position to suggest the various steps that budding entrepreneurs can take to build their own million-dollar e-commerce business site. He suggests ways through which people can cash in some money faster by following the basic steps for the growth of their business.


•            Set a formula & work out all the variables of it: For growing a business in the e-commerce space, it is essential to create a particular formula for the same & at the same time also work the various variables of it. Dahiya says that the outcome you receive in e-commerce is affected by many variables like the advertisement, product, customer lifetime value, landing page optimization, etc. Once you understand what gives you the best profits & outcome, focus on that. He also says that dropshipping is a great variable as it allows you to advertise even before you secure your inventory.


•            Choose specialists for specialized jobs: This also means the start-ups can hire virtual assistants (VA) as well, recommends Dahiya. Virtual assistants can help businesses with almost everything. But, it is also essential to depend on specialized people for particular tasks which can only be done under their expertise. It is vital to focus on universal procedures as well, which will further help in the growth of your company. And, keep the systems easy to use so that in future you can handle any number of orders for your site.


•            Brand your online store the right way: At the start of any business, the first thing that entrepreneurs can do with their company is to gain customer's trust, Dahiya points out. This is quite a challenging task to do in the beginning as start-ups face a lot of competition in the market. Hence, make your website look like a professional e-commerce website or an online dropshipping store site. Match colours & themes of your site according to what you are selling. Brand your site the right way to reach more customers & to gain their trust.


•            Focus on products more with a proven track record: Dahiya explains that it is crucial especially at the start of the business to focus on products that are already wanted by the market & that which has a proven track record. To easily understand what products are a hit amongst people is by checking its credibility on social media platforms. Yes, this is the new way to track its success by looking at the number of likes it has garnered till now. Also, while choosing unique products, measure its demand first, know what people want & then accordingly market those unique products.


•            Customer service is a must: To expand & increase your business, one of the significant points to remember is to focus on customer support. The customer support you offer must be available to them 24/7 as shopping can take place at any time; your system must be robust & intelligent enough to solve their queries. Start-ups can choose live chats available at all hours to serve their demands. Be efficient enough in this system to avoid any technical errors & any other problem that can obstruct a sale.


All of the above knowledge at only 21 years of age; is Dahiya even real? Well, no points for guessing that but, beside the many things an individual can learn from Dahiya, one thing that people can learn especially aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to build their successful online dropshipping store is the constant urge to hustle every day, to wake up & start churning ideas, put that into work & figure out many other ways to grow the business. Dahiya is that gem in the e-commerce world that can help transform your life with his ideas & expertise & help you build your own money-making machine through efficient use of the online dropshipping business.