Wattz up in Sandalwood?

Published Feb 22, 2017, 1:37 am IST
Updated Feb 22, 2017, 7:09 am IST
These city RJs are creating their own body of work in the Kannada film industry.
Manvitha Harish
 Manvitha Harish

In the past, some exceptional RJs have made their way onto the silver screen — either through theatre, or their connect being sons and daughters of popular film makers or having some filmi background. However, things have changed for the better as the Kannada film industry is brimming with talented Radio Jockeys that have turned actors, technicians and film makers. Bengaluru Chronicle reports on this trend where the crackle of the radio has found its way onto the big screen.

RJ Manvitha Harish
She is among a rare breed that has actually tasted more success as an actress with her debut film Kendasampige which was a big hit, and is now featuring alongside Hat-trick Hero Dr Shivarajkumar.


“After my journalism degree from St Aloysius College, I decided to pursue my career in media,” says Manvitha Harish, who auditioned as an RJ during her final exams, and cleared both in flying colours. She was never into professional theatre but her interest in acting has been constant since school and college. “I have performed in various theatre and drama festivals with friends and classmates,” says the lass who has signed a couple of other films as well.

RJ Niranjan Despande
A versatile personality, who started as an RJ, then VJ, and eventually became an actor has been a regular face in both films and small screen ventures. Post his successful film Bombai Mutai, a comedy film in which he plays one of the male leads alongside the beautiful Disha Pande, Niranjan is having a great run while continuing to anchor TV shows.

RJ Vinayak Joshi
Although he started as a child artiste, he rose to fame as an RJ. A two-time state award winner, Vinayak is a regular face in big star films, mostly playing supporting roles. He is planning to launch himself as hero after toning his body, it has been reported.

RJ Danish Sait
Known for his on air pranks and versatile talent, Danish Sait is now acting in his maiden venture alongside Sruthi Hariharan in a political satire Humble Politician Nograj. During the mahurath of his film, Danish revealed that characters on Facebook inspired him to do the satire.

“It is cinema with no reference to any political party. When the story was narrated to Pushkar three months ago Rakshit Shetty and Hemanth Rao also joined the team,” says Danish, who has also penned the story with writer Saad Khan for his film. Satire is our main slogan on the Indian political system, he feels. Apparently, the interesting proverbs and statements written on autos and other vehicles is also a major part in this film, reveals Sait.

RJ Rajesh
Popularly known as Love Guru, he is making his acting debut alongside Kavitha Gowda in First Love, which he says is a celebration of love. “We thought of making it with a moderate budget, but it become expensive. It’s partially based on a real life incident with a twist in the climax. A little help from my co-star Kavitha, all the hard work has paid of. The cinematography is exceptional. One can see Bijapur’s Gol Gumbuz in this film with pride,” he reveals.

RJ Pradeepa
He chose a different path from other RJs, and took up direction. His debut directorial Huchhudugaru earned him much appreciation despite the film failing to do well at the box office. He is busy these days with his popular web series Loose Connection.