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Munnodi movie review: Poor screenplay and bad editing ruins the film

Published Jun 3, 2017, 8:02 pm IST
Updated Jun 3, 2017, 8:02 pm IST
The movie starts off with an interesting note, loses its sheen due to the lackluster romantic track and the clichéd friends gang.
Still from the film
 Still from the film

Director: SPTA Kumar

Cast: Harish, Yamini Bhaskar, Arjuna, Pavel, Sithara


The film revolves around Sathya (Harish) who hates his younger brother Arvind right from the day he was born as he thinks his mom (Sithara) showers all the love to the latter. And his mom has her reasons as Arvind was born with a medical condition, which has no cure, and he may die at anytime.

Distancing himself from his mother, Sathya acquaints himself with the local thug Mandhira Moorthy (Arjuna) and indulges in all kinds of crimes. He becomes a trusted lieutenant of Moorthy after he saves the latter from a life-threatening situation.  But this does not go well with Moorthy’s brother-in-law Jayaveeran (Pavel Navageethan), who waits for a chance to eliminate Sathya. Meanwhile, Sathya meets Denuka (Yamini Bhaskar), a college mate of Arvind and it is love at first sight for him.


In the meantime, Soundarapandi (Sijoy Varghese) the newly posted DCP has vowed to bring down Mandhira Moorthy and his gang to books and waits for the right time.

An occasion arises when Sathya learns the truth about his brother. When things started showing up, all hell breaks loose and what follows is a bloody conflict between Sathya and Mandhira Moorthy.

Debutant Harish, a close relative of T’town biggie Prabhas has done a decent job and he shines in action sequences. Yamini - also a newcomer in an underdeveloped character - is just about adequate. Arjuna gives a good account and impresses. But the reliable Pavel disappoints with his going over-the board act. Although we can admire Sijoy’s body language of a strict cop, his strong Malayalam accent does not gel with the role.


The movie starts off with an interesting note, loses its sheen due to the lackluster romantic track and the clichéd friends gang who does the routine thing of boozing, dancing and helping the hero out in his love life. Kudos to the stunt master who has given well-choreographed action blocks, to name a few - the encounter operation of a 'human weapon' and the climax stunts. The Akkam Pakkam song crooned by Remya Nambeesan with alluring graphics is a treat to watch.

Had the director concentrated on the taut screenplay and edited the unwanted portions, the film would have turned to be a good action drama.