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(File Photo: AP)
13th Apr, 2014
The two governments have decided to engage in intensive discussions on various subjects
Each spring, in the first week of April, Japan's small town of Kawasaki celebrates 'Kanamara Matsuri', aka the "Festival of the Steel Phallus." Photo courtesy: Tokyodesu.com
9th Apr, 2014
Kawasaki: Japan's famous Annual Penis Festival, locally called 'Kanamara Matsuri', was held on Wednesday, April 6, in Kawasaki. The festival is said to have originated in the 17th century, and it
U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, left, meets with Japanese Foreign Affairs Minister Fumio Kishida, right, at the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs headquarters on Sunday. Photo- AP
6th Apr, 2014
Tokyo has also voiced growing anxiety over China's military buildup
Photo AP
5th Apr, 2014
The order came weeks after Pyongyang fired a Rodong medium-range missile over the sea
This graphic released by the Cabinet Intelligence and Research Office of Japan on Thursday shows a point, bottom centre, where about 10 objects that might be debris from the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 were located by the Cabinet Satellite
28th Mar, 2014
The objects were spotted in waters roughly 2,500 kilometres southwest of Perth
Japanese police officers stand by bodies of victims while searching for missing people at a devastated area in Namie of Fukushima Prefecture, northeastern Japan. In the background is part of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear complex. File Photo - AP
13th Mar, 2014
US atomic energy regulator issued a 50-mile evacuation warning for any Americans in the area, from radiation spewed site.
12th Mar, 2014
Japan's top diplomat also expressed concerns over a potentially explosive breakaway vote in Crimea