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Tips to get healthy and strong sperm

Published Apr 5, 2015, 9:16 pm IST
Updated Mar 29, 2019, 12:42 pm IST
Making babies? Here’s what you need to know
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 Representational image.

Mumbai: While planning to have a family, the first requirement for any couple is to ensure that they are healthy with their reproductive organs. However healthy reproductive organs don’t guarantee fertility. What is very important for a man is to ensure he has good, healthy sperm that are fertile.

Not everyone is certain how to ensure health of their sperm is good. After all, what is considered as sperm primarily after ejaculation is actually semen. Semen contains the sperms, which are motile and help it to get a safe passage to the uterus.


We help you with tips on how to ensure that your sperms remain healthy.

Stop Smoking

Smoking kills. This is a health advice that is repeatedly conveyed, but seldom paid heed to. Smoking, both active and passive has lethal effect on your sperms. The sperm DNA gets affected with smoke and creates abnormalities in the sperm cell. When trying to have a baby, make sure you abstain yourself from smoking (active and passive) from at least 2 months in advance.

Eat right

Doctors advice men to eat a lot of nuts to keep their nuts healthy. Nuts contain vitamins and various other good beneficial components that make your sperm healthier. Foods rich in zinc, like walnuts, almonds, bananas should be eaten on a regular basis.


Start working out

Apart from keeping excess flab out and keeping you in shape, a healthy workout regimen enhances the testosterone levels of your body. Healthier the testosterone levels, more passion for sex, and of course healthier sperms.

Avoid heating of your scrotum

How to ensure that you have good sperms? By ensuring that you keep your ball-sack cool of course.

Most of us have a habit of using laptops keeping them on our laps and working, or watch movies and TV series for long hours.

Have you thought of the damage done to your reproductive organs? The heat from the laptop gets directly transferred to the scrotum.


This reduces your chances of having healthy sperms a lot. Keep the laptop away from your laptop and work.

You don’t want heat to reduce your chances of producing healthy sperms at all.

Similarly, avoid sitting on hot seats of two-wheelers that have been parked in the sun for too long. Avoid sitting in hot cars too.

Lastly, avoid sleeping for the night wearing tight underwear. Underwears protect your family jewels. They also trap in heat.

At night when going off to sleep, wear boxers or something that gives your scrotal sack space to breathe freely.


A healthy lifestyle, smart choices will ensure your fertility is not compromised upon.