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Land survey in Telangana to be conducted after Diwali

Published Aug 22, 2014, 6:05 am IST
Updated Mar 31, 2019, 10:32 am IST
12,700 acres encroached land to be tapped
Picture used for representational purpose. (Photo: DC/File)
 Picture used for representational purpose. (Photo: DC/File)
Hyderabad: After the success of the Intensive Household Survey on August 19, the Telangana government is now gearing up for an Intensive Land Survey across the state.
All private, government, assigned, endowment and Wakf lands will be surveyed to root out encroachments and set right the revenue records in Telangana that were based on the land survey conducted by the Nizam government in 1938.
The Telangana government has received reports from district collectors that 12,700 acre of government land worth Rs 60,500 crore has been encroached by land sharks across the state. 
In Hyderabad alone, the extent of land encroachment has been pegged at 411 acre worth Rs 35,000 crore. The land survey is being planned after Diwali. Soon after assuming office, Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao had ordered district collectors to identify encroached lands belonging to the government and submit a report. A special cell comprising senior officials of the CM’s Office was regularly monitoring the issue with the collectors on the status of government lands and encroachments. The land data is being thoroughly scrutinised by the CMO officials.
Official sources said the reports submitted by collectors have revealed startling facts about valuable state lands encroached in connivance with some officials in sub-registrar offices. The encroachers successfully registered these lands in their names and even secured pattadar pass books from the sub-registrar offices.
It was found that about 8,500 acre of government land has been encroached in municipalities across the state and another 8,000 acre in mandals spread over nine Telangana districts.
Even in Hyderabad, 411 acre in 367 locations has been encroached with Shaikpet mandal topping the list with 25 encroachment cases.
Official sources reasoned that if preliminary inquiries by district collectors could bring to light the large-scale land encroachments prevailing in the state, an intensive land survey would help the government to detect more such cases and take back the land by approaching courts etc.
Deputy Chief Minister Mohd Mahmood Ali who also holds the portfolio of revenue, said that the land survey being planned by the state government would resolve the land disputes once and for all and would leave no scope for any irregularities in future as revenue records would be corrected accordingly.
He added that the “middlemen menace” in sub-registrar offices had been giving scope for such irregularities and the government was planning to set up help desks in all registration offices to help people who came for registration and avoid brokers for the purpose.
Location: Telangana