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Twitterati slams TDP MP Murali Mohan Maganti over his women remark

Published Aug 8, 2014, 7:46 am IST
Updated Mar 31, 2019, 1:46 pm IST
Murali said in Lok Sabha that women should not wear modern clothes
Murli Mohan Maganti. (Photo: DC/File)
 Murli Mohan Maganti. (Photo: DC/File)
Hyderabad: TD MP Murali Mohan Maganti kicked up a controversy in Parliament with his sexist remarks about how women must dress in a dignified manner and uphold Indian culture. 
The comment triggered protests from women MPs, who said he should leave the House. The comment, coming from a former actor and producer, made him a butt of jokes with people expressing outrage on his “silly moral policing”.
The MP was quoted saying, “I endlessly appeal to daughters, sisters and girls of the country to dress in a dignified way and uphold the tradition of Indian culture. I appeal to my brothers to treat every girl as a family member and treat her with respect. This will be a great tribute to Mother India. India has had a special place across the world for its culture.” 
When asked to justify his statement by a television channel, he said, “I do completely believe that women should not wear modern clothes. If they are disturbed by my comments, I will apologise and withdraw it.” 
Women’s rights activists and women political leaders called the statement really immature. Actor and YSRC politician Roja said that Mr Murali Mohan was making big and intellectual statements though he had been an actor all his life.
“What does he mean by dignified? A sari exposes more than a jeans with a t-shirt. It is up to a woman what she wants to wear. Being a hero and a producer, what drove him to make such a comment? He is a full time commercial hero and this shows double standards. He is simply making big and intellectual statements, whereas his movies have portrayed much more stuff.” 
Social media too poked fun at the actor-turned MP. Netizens questioned what he meant by the term “dignified” and asked why rapes of minor girls were being reported in the country. 
Shabbir kD @shabbirkd wrote: “Our MPs are displaying a medieval mindset. No wonder they cannot protect our women.” 

Location: Andhra Pradesh