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I didn’t want to retaliate but even I’m human: Kapil Sharma

DC | Imran Qureshi | July 03, 2014, 11.07 am IST
'Comedy Nights with Kapil' host Kapil Sharma was recently a victim to Kamaal R Khan's obnoxious tweets.
'Comedy Nights with Kapil' host Kapil Sharma was recently a victim to Kamaal R Khan's obnoxious tweets.

Mumbai: Commedian Kapil Sharma and Twitter’s notorious Kamal R Khan’s verbal war on the social networking site is the talk of the town. To get Kapil’s take on this vicious war, we caught up with the busy funny man. Here’s what he had to say:

How did this verbal war begin?

(Surprised) Is this really out in the media? (Smiling) I don’t even know who this KRK is. I have never met him, never spoken ill about him. Around six months ago, Mika Singh told me about someone calling me ‘2Rsppl (Two Rupees people)’ on a social networking site. I wondered why this man who never crossed my path would say something like this about me. I was quiet then, but his tweets irked me badly yesterday. I didn’t want to retaliate but even I’m a human.

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The news went viral yesterday, what are your thoughts on Kamaal Khan.

Thank God this man got much required publicity and attention. Hope he stays calm now. I don’t say bad things about anyone, so I naturally wouldn’t like someone talking bad about me. I still don’t know why he is creating nuisance for no reason.

It was reported that Kamaal was denied an entry on the show as a guest, is that true?

How can I deny someone entry to Comedy Nights when the guests are not invited by me? This is solely the channel’s decision to bring guests on the show. I don’t interfere in their work and also, I have never heard this man being invited by the channel.

Kamaal’s reason for name calling the comedian is still unknown. This isn’t the first time he has verbally attacked someone on a social networking site, he previously went after Kapil’s co-star Ali Asgar.


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Tanushree's picture
by Tanushree (not verified) on
Dont Worry Kapil We will alwaz love u .. Some people go mad at their old age . So Ignore them . We love u Kapil
Amit Bhargav's picture
by Amit Bhargav (not verified) on
this KRK guy is a big time idiot and deserves no attention or response from Kapil or just avoid him and keep up the good wishes.
vinaykalasa's picture
by vinaykalasa (not verified) on
who is kamal khan??? why do you media ppl give damn to these publicity hungry dogs????


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