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Sci-fi or Shuddhi for Aamir?

DC | Reena Kapoor | April 06, 2014, 23.48 pm IST
Aamir Khan file photo
Aamir Khan file photo

Aamir Khan, who hasn’t signed any film since Dhoom 3, has the industry waiting with bated breath to see who he chooses to work with next. There was talk about Aamir being considered for Karan Johar’s Shuddhi. While Aamir and Karan are still trying to work out the details, there are loud whispers about the superstar giving the green signal to other filmmakers.

According to close sources, Aamir has been in talks with director Ram Madhwani for a sci-fi film. “Aamir has asked Ram to rework the script. He’ll take a call only after the final narration. We’re working on the final draft of the film,” says our source.

Aamir’s spokesperson, said, “Currently, he’s only working on Satyamev Jayate and PK. He hasn’t signed anything else.” But the industry knows very well that he has been in talks. UTV has also proposed the idea of collaborating with him for their upcoming film. The actor is likely to take a call on that film after he decides between Shuddhi and Ram’s sci-fi venture.


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