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First Day Box Office Collections of 'Jilla' and 'Veeram'

Timesofap | Cinetwit | Telugunow | January 15, 2014, 15.01 pm IST

Vijay’s ‘Jilla’ and Ajith’s ‘Veeram’ released yesterday amid much hype and hoopla. Fans and Movie Buffs took to social-networking sites to share their views on the films.

So who came up trumps?

Here’s all you need to know about the response, budget and first day box-office collections.


‘Jilla’ received mostly positive reviews from reviewers and fans. The film runs up to 182 minutes (3hrs), this was considered to be a downside for the film.

Sources say, the makers are now planning to trim the film by about 10 mins.

Budget: Close to 50 Cr

Screened in: over 1150 screens worldwide

(Released in more than 10 countries including India, UK, USA, Australia and Srilanka)

First Day Collections: 10 -12 Cr


‘Veeram’ also received positive reviews with reviewers who labelled it a family entertainer. Fans of the actor bragged about a particular Train Stunt sequence on all social networking sites.

Budget: 40 Cr

Screened in: over 790 screens worldwide

(Released in 13 countries including India, UK, USA, South Africa, Denmark, Germany, France, Belgium, Australia, Switzerland, Singapore, Canada, Holland and Sri Lanka)

First Day Collections: 9.3 Cr 


Movie Stills: Vijay - Mohanlal starrer 'Jilla'

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Itz Mohan's picture
by Itz Mohan (not verified) on
Thala da ... only released in 790 theatre but collection was 9.3 cores. . . jilla screened in 1130 theatre collection was 10. . . Thala always masss in this box office collection ...
villan's picture
by villan (not verified) on
officially jilla first day collection 17 cr
RajiniMass's picture
by RajiniMass on
Please show the proof from authenticated website, surely we will accept.
kumaresan's picture
by kumaresan (not verified) on
how many websites u want 1.times of india 2.indiagligz 3.masalaglidz 4.sify 5.sevangi
Param's picture
by Param (not verified) on
Boss veeram only theatres la release agalam but most of the theaters housefull agala..
ansaari's picture
by ansaari (not verified) on
super mama.........well said..thala always rocks....THE KING OF BOX OFFICE IS BACK....u know? in india total veeram collection for 2 days is 14.5 cr while for jilla itz 10.5cr only.....
Powerstarr's picture
by Powerstarr (not verified) on
Jilla is a better movie, compared to veeram because there were more people and everyone who watched both said jilla is better, and I am pretty sure it said 10-12 cores so that means it's somewhere around there.
karthick123's picture
by karthick123 (not verified) on
your display name is as same as your review. Tanjavur kal vettula poi yeludhi vachuttu angeye ukkanduko poo . padichu pottuttu un moonjila kaari tuppa vasadhiya irukkum
Vivek Shanmugam's picture
by Vivek Shanmugam (not verified) on
I Disagree. Im a neutral fan, veeram was better than jilla cuz three hours is too lengthy. Veeram 7.5/10 Jilla 6.5/10
Yahoo123's picture
by Yahoo123 (not verified) on
I watched veeram and there are lot of family audiences...when I came out there are only few audiences waiting for the show...For pongal time every one will watch the movie both Jilla and veeram....After a few days you can see that veeram will rule the box office...if jilla is good why the movie has been reduced ten minutes
VRM's picture
by VRM (not verified) on
Always laletan and vijay is greater than all othersss.. ..jai lalletan and vijay Anna.
Karthik Jilla's picture
by Karthik Jilla (not verified) on
kevalama illa....790theatres ku mela evanum .film ah vanga maten ta.....manengetta polappu da....
RajiniMass's picture
by RajiniMass on
Because of Mohanlal and R.B Chaudry Jilla gets more theatres. R.B Chaudry always used the word like myself and Vijay combination never failed, we are lucky combination etc etc. So many theatre owners accepted to release more theatres
krisharunthavasu's picture
by krisharunthavasu (not verified) on
Gentleman .... A bag full of Donkey waste is not worth .... In the other hand "A Piece of GOLD is Precious"
Thalapthiyan's picture
by Thalapthiyan (not verified) on
enna try pandra adhan varamaatidhula vidu.. epavum thalapathy jilladhan .. its all ur fate thala fans... polambitae irunga idhan unga THALAeluthu..
thalaveriyan's picture
by thalaveriyan (not verified) on
Dai unaku ellam vekkame illa ya da.. vijay munjyum mogara kattaium... avana pathi lam ajith kuda compare panadha da... vijay is equal to soory.. get the hell and paste your shit for the comment you feeded..
Kumaran G's picture
by Kumaran G (not verified) on
Kevalama illa, lucky combination, kerala mothamum nane en padatha kuthagai eduthukren nu buruda vittu ella screenum cover pannita neenga periyaalunu nenaippa da nonnaigala.. 1 week la theriyum ethina screen la vijay padatha close panraanganu.. berikka mandaiyanunga
Jilla's picture
by Jilla (not verified) on
dei kumaran nayae.... paaka thaana pora ippo gammunu iru
lawrence's picture
by lawrence (not verified) on
ya thats true.... vijay film was rocking in 1150 theatres but veeram was only 750 theatres it was a shape out for all asjith fans. veeram was a mass masala movie but jilla was a mass masala entertainer.... vijay yella jillavillum rocks.....
bharathwaj's picture
by bharathwaj (not verified) on
thala illada vallu thalapathy mass. king of collections always thalapathy. thala distributors are scared for distributing the film in centres because of thalapathy
Juppa's picture
by Juppa (not verified) on
its not how many theaters you play, its how many your collect go and learn more about you thala and come and put comments here... stupid fella...
rasigan's picture
by rasigan (not verified) on
unga thala avlavu peria don na neraya theater la release panirukalame... y thala ku ena achu
Venki_Bangalore's picture
by Venki_Bangalore (not verified) on
Mohan Kindly do the Calculation if 790 Screens got 9.3 and 1150 got 12 Cr ..... 117721 Average Per Screen for Veeram and 105000 Average Per screen for Jilla .... So not much difference ...
dr.k's picture
by dr.k (not verified) on
now it is about 79 crs of jilla and 64 crs of veeram.ippa enna sollra!
vijay fan's picture
by vijay fan (not verified) on
thalapathy always rocks in the kollywood box office,but ajith rocks after 5 films flop this first time
Karthi123's picture
by Karthi123 (not verified) on
"Thala" is the mass, class, everything - 340 theatre less to Jilla but yet 9.3 crores .. Thala meant to rule box office.. good that he is back to full time acting .. lot to expect in the future! The only actor who has similar screen presence to the Super Star is Thala. hands down.
Prabhakaran.S's picture
by Prabhakaran.S (not verified) on
Thala is always rocking. Less theaters but more powerful collection
Rajesh985's picture
by Rajesh985 (not verified) on
U know I am not a fan of anyone but I watched veeram and jilla and I prefer jilla because it's funny and it is a good treat for pongal. Plus there was more people in jilla than veeram
RajiniMass's picture
by RajiniMass on
Surely you are a Vijay fan, please don't act smart. Many of them posting comment like this, please be honest.
Thalapathy mass da's picture
by Thalapathy mass da (not verified) on
Ajith ku theatre e kudukala ithula konja theatre nu pechu vera... comedy piecuuuuuuuuu eppovume enga thalapathy than da massssssssssssssssssssssssss Jillaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
RajiniMass's picture
by RajiniMass on
In Tamil industry, one comedy piecuuuuu actor has grown 1.) During 1995, he used vijaykanth name, he used call vijaykanth as Thalaivar. 2.) From 1996 to 2003, he used Rajinikath name, he called as Thalaivar. 3.) Then he started using DMK, SUN TV and Dyanidhi maran influence. 4.) From 2010 to 2012, he started using ADMK influence What next?
Sylvia's picture
by Sylvia (not verified) on
raam krishna's picture
by raam krishna (not verified) on
thalapathy mass da others thamass da
arya's picture
by arya (not verified) on
Nee sonnaadhu atha vida tamassu
Vijay fan's picture
by Vijay fan (not verified) on
Vijay proves he's the super star. Love you anna. All the best and congrats.
RajiniMass's picture
by RajiniMass on
Ajith is bigger than super star, very soon he will be bigger than super star. Love you anna
Vijay fan's picture
by Vijay fan (not verified) on
Vijay proves he's the super star. Love you anna. All the best and congrats.
Aasman's picture
by Aasman (not verified) on
only becoz of mohan lal jilla got this much of collection.....
thiyagamuthu's picture
by thiyagamuthu (not verified) on
Yes 350 screens higher than veeram we accept but by only one reason. Mr. MohanLal doesn't got salaries for jilla for he got release rights for Kerala. He released nearly 310 theaters in Kerala. No other special reason. So don't say that Vijay is always great.
Sham's picture
by Sham (not verified) on
The Fact is Veeram performing very well .. jilla is not doing good....
vijay 's picture
by vijay (not verified) on
jilla took massive collection and vijay anna act very well and veeram is also good film
r thala's picture
by r thala (not verified) on
vijay thanda cmdy piecu.1 character rolekuda nadikka teriathu avnuku,but ajith once again proves that he can act n commercial as well as other type of films ,that's thereason why vijay is not getting even 1 filmfare. vijay ellam 1 aala da
Thala fan's picture
by Thala fan (not verified) on
super ji super ji..........u r absolutely correct.
a md akram's picture
by a md akram (not verified) on
ilayathalapathy vijay na chummava......1st day collection 12cr appr....i love you anna..... by vijay verians
thalapathy fan's picture
by thalapathy fan (not verified) on
IEnga layapathy kooda movie release panni pavum yaaro mokka vaakuranga.. :P :P
by MANKATHA HARAN (not verified) on
unga vijay collection ah nanga 50th film la ye pathutom ponga.thala 50 mankatha ku muthala pathil sollungada. ennaikumea box office na athu thala than
thoma's picture
by thoma (not verified) on
To catch up with thala vijay roped in mohanlal but even the 2 stars just cant match with Ajith. Thala just rocks man.....
ican2015@yahoo.com's picture
by ican2015@yahoo.com (not verified) on
Hi Dear, Nothing going to happen, when U scolding each other. We R just fans that's all. If we have financial problem or other than any problems, No one come to us. If U planning anything with intentional, 100% that will not work. Be Cool brother. Thala and Thalapatty are Always Mass heroes in Tamil Industries. Have a Good Day or Make a Good Day. Thank you.
Jilla Fan's picture
by Jilla Fan (not verified) on
I haven't watched Veeram yet but from watching Jilla from the cinema yesterday I don't want to watch Veeram. Both actors are amazing but Jilla is just a great flim. I love you as a great actor Vijay!!! Take care!:)
Veramana Oru Ambalai 's picture
by Veramana Oru Am... (not verified) on
Absolute Mass movie. Thala Ajith is clearly the next superstar. Look at the box office collections without any additions of a Mass hero Like Mohanlal. Veeram Ponggal!


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