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Should homosexuality be treated as a criminal offence?

| December 11, 2013, 11.12 am IST


Jason jack's picture
by Jason jack (not verified) on

Sex is privacy for everyone no govt. r court should rule them, wn govt r court cant pass a bill to punish the rapist y thy r keen to pass a bill which is not gonna be favor for their future.

Amol's picture
by Amol (not verified) on

Its manifestation of sin. even nature/science is not for gays. the amount of medical issues Gays face shows that our body is not meant for that kind of sex. Its just SIN.

md fiaz's picture
by md fiaz (not verified) on

sc did the right thing.... saved indian culture !

Rachelle Chandraan's picture
by Rachelle Chandraan (not verified) on

Of course a change in thinking is needed. A person's sexual orientation is no business for the government. The people form the government not the other way around.!!

Adil Ahmed Siddiqui's picture
by Adil Ahmed Siddiqui (not verified) on

Against religion, against culture, against society, against morals, against science, against health.

Jacobs's picture
by Jacobs (not verified) on

Homo is abnormal state of mind where a particular person doesnt get interested in opposite gender making it an abnormal mind. Instead of makiig it a crime, better to send such mentally ill person to homage/mental asylum.

Akshit Tripathi's picture
by Akshit Tripathi (not verified) on

The world around us is changing. It's not the 1970s anymore. Society needs to understand that people can have people of different sexual orientations and needs to stop oppressing them. If we continue to do this, we are no better than people who kill those who are different. I accept it isn't in our culture to agree to this, but we, as a society need to evolve. We stopped discriminating on the basis of gender and caste, so why not sexual orientation? This will make our society a better and more livable place.

hemant bhatia's picture
by hemant bhatia (not verified) on

Consider a hypothetical scenario wherein homosexuality was considered sane and suddenly people got inclined towards people of opposite sex(became hetros)...would that be opposed to this extent?

Vimalkumar's picture
by Vimalkumar (not verified) on

If we say that Homosexuality isn't proven scientifically, so is religion. There is homosexuality in animals and plants too...And, those are Big-time time homosexuals... What saves them is that they have no god or a religion... My guess is that the worst is yet to come... Who knows? We might come up with a law that can ban earthworm for being a hermaphrodite (a species that has both male and female sexual organs together) saying that it is against gods will... ... My thought is people who say god did not create nature this way, neither knows the god nor they know the nature.

Anonymous's picture
by Anonymous (not verified) on

Yes, the SC is right....................................................................

KS's picture
by KS (not verified) on

No, a change in thinking is needed.

Anonymous's picture
by Anonymous (not verified) on

Sexual orientation is innate. Nobody is born criminal

Gdude's picture
by Gdude (not verified) on

I can't believe 64% of people voted 'yes' it should be a criminal offence! How backward are you homophobic, ignorant people?

yvonne's picture
by yvonne (not verified) on

didn't Ghandi promote acceptance? and isn't he from india? wonder how he would feel about having all his hard work totally unacknowleged by his own country men and women. it's a natural tendency for some people. what's wrong w/sharing physical intimacy between consenting adults that harms none! would they rather see them killing each other???????????????? it's evil to prevent something that spreads goodness.

Lynn  A. Juozilaitis's picture
by Lynn A. Juozilaitis (not verified) on

No, the SC is wrong! God loves all people
I am straight but feel no hatred or animosity against my brothers & sister all over the world who are gay, lesbian, bi or transgendered or multi sexual.
Since God loves all, who are we not to love all?
Peace ♥

Angelika's picture
by Angelika (not verified) on

Homosexuality is unhealthy and impure, but so are many things. It is a disorder rather than a crime.

David B Teague's picture
by David B Teague (not verified) on

There are over 400 mammalian species on earth, every one of which exhibits 10 to 15% homosexuality. Only ONE of these species exhibits homophobia. It is the homophobic who are abnormal.

Hetero Me's picture
by Hetero Me (not verified) on

Only ignorant people can consider making homosexuality a crime. It's not an option, you're born that way, and just as good as any heterosexual. It's how you act towards others that defines how good a human you are, not your sexual orientation, religion, race or any other stuff. Those who judge others on such basis are the ones who should be regarded as criminals, if any.

underwriter505's picture
by underwriter505 (not verified) on

Being born is not a crime, period. All those of you who think it is a choice to be gay, please include in your posts how old you were when you decided to be straight.

Pax's picture
by Pax (not verified) on

Honestly I'm staggered that so many people think personal lives can be so controlled that they would criminalize homosexuality. The USA already has more people per capita in their slave prisons run by private companies for profit so am I to believe that's going so well that they need to make everyone a criminal now?

Saso's picture
by Saso (not verified) on

Should darker skin be treated as a criminal offence? A person has just as much strength to change the colour of his skin as his sexual persuasion...

yesyesabedi@yahoo.com's picture
by yesyesabedi@yah... (not verified) on


Marilyn Kaplan's picture
by Marilyn Kaplan (not verified) on

Is it a criminal offense to be born as a twin, with a limb missing, or with any other difference? Being born as homosexual is the same as being born with or without sight. There is no choice, it is what it is.

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