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'Bigg Boss 7': Kushal Tandon back in 'Big Boss 7' house?

DC Online | November 08, 2013, 23.11 pm IST

Kushal Tandon, the most loved controversy’s child on ‘Big Boss’ is coming back to the show, it appears.

Ever since television star Kushal Tandon was dismissed from the ‘Bigg Boss 7’ house, fans of the show have been asking for him to be back. He was evicted when he threatened to hit VJ Andy for disrespecting rumoured ladylove, Gauhar Khan. Without Kushal and Gauhar, ‘Bigg Boss 7’ loses half of its masala.

After Gauhar returned to the ‘Bigg Boss’ house, she made a wish by the 'wishing wall' and asked for Kushal Tandon to return to the show. Will her pining wish come true? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

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Kushal, on the other hand, took to Twitter to clarify his stance on the issue.

Kushal Tandon ‏@KushalT2803: “I am not going to bb as if now...n super happy to be out rite now and having my meetings for my work ahead......lots of love n hugs guys”

Post Kushal's eviction, Salman clarified that he has no role in ousting Kushal. He also added that his interaction with Armaan and Tanisha was very limited and hence there's no reason to be partial.

It will be really interesting to see the reaction of the members of ‘Big Boss 7’, on the return of Kaushal Tandon.

Stay Tuned!


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ShahZur's picture
by ShahZur (not verified) on
if Kushal will be back Salmaan might save his Mental n reputation to be biased
Arman Khan's picture
by Arman Khan (not verified) on
i hope salman understand him will and wish he out soon because he is not perfect for show and for Gauhar khan.
Dipanjali's picture
by Dipanjali (not verified) on
It will really be very interesting to watch out the reactions of the housmates! I don't wanna see a fight between Kushal & Ajaz! Armaan & Tanisha, dude, how will they react actually? OMG!
juhi 's picture
by juhi (not verified) on
khushaalllll thr is atmost need tht uh shud b back to biggboss.... now show really sucks...pls b back
Sruuti Sharma's picture
by Sruuti Sharma (not verified) on
We want Kushal in BB7, or there is no point in watching BB7....with partiality....
IAmKhan's picture
by IAmKhan (not verified) on
gobar khan and the puppet tandon are useless in the show. gobhar shamelessly came back to the show after quitting. so pathetic and no stand on what she said she stood for.
Milan's picture
by Milan (not verified) on
what rubbish!!!! better you not be baised like salman.So what he is the host he cannor be baised.He told Kushal dekho ladki kahan se aayi hai in regard to Tanisha.I think every girl and boy in the show is from respectable background and family.Girls from good family dont push or touch men likw Tanisha did.
simmi's picture
by simmi (not verified) on
Plz get kushal back man... its boring to see tanisha's irritating face all the time . Most insecure person in the house and yhat sophia dosent have brain . She just knpws yo yap unnecessarily. .. dump... I was liking andy before now he is nothing more than a looser .. double face ..
MALINI's picture
by MALINI (not verified) on
Wellcome back Kushal.You were missed.
Ushah's picture
by Ushah (not verified) on
after seeing today's show ..... Salman how low can you get, how partial can you get towards tanisha .... he sounds like tanisha's godfather .... what a waste of time ... i can see the future ... tanisha the winner of bug bosss 7 ...
Nataliya's picture
by Nataliya (not verified) on
Its been a week now hearing all these rumors of Kushal Tandon re-entering again. According to the news he was supposed to enter on Wednesday..... i don't think he will re-enter as the host of Big boss opposes his re-entry.
ashokc's picture
by ashokc (not verified) on
bigg boss should have taken action against Andy for using obscene remarks with Gauhar . BUT Kushal should not be given re entry. This will be very very wrong precedent. All quarrels will be settled through muscle power only.
Louisa's picture
by Louisa (not verified) on
We don't want Kushal back!! He is a egoistic person who will never accept his mistakes. Just because 50 fan girls are tweeting him does not mean the whole word is behind him. His fan girls probably don't even make up 0.00001% of the people backing Salman or even the amount of people hating Kushal!!
savio D's picture
by savio D (not verified) on
Kushal doesn't deserve to enter BB7 house again as he has attacked a fellow contestant.If he enters again it will be my last BB show as i will feel BB is spineless & showing favour to Gauhar & Kushal who have walked out together but Gauhar a pure Faku has entered back when she on one show walked out saying BB is not fair & unjust.
lipu's picture
by lipu (not verified) on
chutia salman khan ke gand mein dum nahin hai arman kohli ko kuchh bolne keliye........
johnmorby's picture
by johnmorby (not verified) on
Salman is my favorite actor but after this big boss 7 he really fucked up....he seems to be very biased with tanisha and arman which can be easily seen the way he deals with them compared to Gauhar...very easily he told everybody has fan and tried to escape from the trap...i am nt a fan of kushal or Gauhar, but i was ur fan salman...which u disappointed a lot...u r supportng ur fren's sister which is clearly visible...u r nt at all hosting the show as it should be without any biasness...big boss plz remove salman khan from this show...he disappointed the show very much...
Sachin0908's picture
by Sachin0908 (not verified) on
you are right my brother. I was also a fan of Salman khan but after that incident i really dont want to watch him anymore and would also like to say NO to BB show. You must have seen the anger of Salman when he was talking with Kushal and Gauher, He was scolding and stopping them to talk. My God, it was clearly shown that Salman taking side of Tanisha (BB - Big Bitch) in the house. Salman - You are losing ur fan following so dont spoil it as u will not have anybody in the theaters to watch ur movies. Just b'coz of a silly-flop girl u r spoiling ur image. Its all up to you man.
shivi's picture
by shivi (not verified) on
kushal will be brought back....dats it
johnmorby's picture
by johnmorby (not verified) on
OOPs if it is going to be reviewed means it wont appear...May be this will aslo pass through salman khan like the whole show is going like his wish...y should salman expect kushal to say sorry to tanesha??it is his wish...y salman is so bothered abt his sorry???salman u become gentleman and dont try to make other gentleman...u cant force anybody nor u can make public opinion based on ur thinking, not atleast on the public show...otherwise it would be ur show not our general public show....Lets see if it is going to get displayed or not....
AnnieMK's picture
by AnnieMK (not verified) on
Salman i am really big fan of yours....BUT....u are totally biased towards Gahur-Tanisha-Kushal episode. The point was not who did n commented on other housemates not decently.The point is not even about Tanisha or gahur or kushal or xyz..the point is about The right and The wrong.Either it would be a man or women the rules are equivalent.So if kushal was eliminated ..tanisha should also be eliminated by the big boss.And you were negatively supporting tanisha.I am so much disappointed by you Salman ..i did not expect from my super favourite person to act like this on a situation.I wish n hope Salman will come back in as for what people love him..not just for his movies n else.For the real Salman.I really wish.
madiha's picture
by madiha (not verified) on
Kushal should b brought back to Bb audience r waiting him to come back.I think armaans bad words are as equally same as kushal charges on Andy.both have no rights to stay at home.if kushal is out then arm an should also b out
sarhaan's picture
by sarhaan (not verified) on
Big boss is based on wider concept. In this show contestants are exposed to such an environment where it is very difficult to live a the pattern of normal living .this show can even work as a kind of teachings to many people across the globe. It can make a human being understand the benefits of living a peaceful and social life. What kushal did was never correct and cannot be justified but what armaan is doing is equally to be questined. His behavior towards other co contestants is even worst than what kushal did to one contestant. Arman is a threat not only to the rest of the contestants but also to the entire community. Kushal and gowhar are real life heroes what they did is an example of absolute courage. Salman khan should also introspect the facts. He is ruining his image by supporting arman and tanisha . He should not support wrong and if he is doing so because of the money he is being paid then carry onnnnnnnn....
raghav thakur's picture
by raghav thakur (not verified) on
its ver true that......kushal and gauhar arre the true masala couple of the house...........and without kushal.......and gauhar masala............big boss is lossing its TRP.............he should be allowed back to house as earlier as can.............
vicky121's picture
by vicky121 (not verified) on
I am not a great fan of Salman, but use to watch his movies for fun. But after watching BB 7, salman u really suck. Agreed violence is not acceptable in BB house but is it right to give bad or lashing word. Mr Salman its quite clear u are biased towards Arman and Tanisha. Arman is a spinless man he can only bark at people he has no guts to lay hand on anyone, but all cannot be the same. Some might hit someone when they get upset like Kushal. But the point is why salman is interfering in BB house, he is an host he should do his job an leave. I have stopped watching BB only because of salman. I wish he should be removed from BB for next season.And one more thing Tanisha u suck too.
Keyuri's picture
by Keyuri (not verified) on
I want kushal back on big boss... If tanisha did not get evicted than i dont understand why kushal did. I also dont like how salman keeps taking tanisha's side. I dont think tanisha deserves to be in the house... She does nothing all day except talk bad about gauhar.. Tanisha is jealous and thats why feels the need to always act rudely towards everyone. Bring kushal back.. If not get rid of tanisha
varisha's picture
by varisha (not verified) on
kushal ko definately wapas aana chahiye....and salman host kaarna chod do es show ko hume unfair host ni chahiye.....and salmaan tanisha, armaan and ellie ki side le rahe hai..... and show koi bhi tmhari wajah se ni dekhta ohk salmaan.....contestants ki wajah se dekhte hai....
zeneth khan's picture
by zeneth khan (not verified) on
kushal be back in bb house m waiting
Farah Naz's picture
by Farah Naz (not verified) on
salman khan is a unfair man...... gauhar khan and kushal tonon bht strong hain thats y ap un k khelaf hain sooooo sir jeeeeeee i want tooo telll u imam sadiqu se lakh darje behter hain donu sb contestent se behter hain apni soch se apna crector ap kharab mat karen plxxxxxxxxx
Den's picture
by Den (not verified) on
Salman khan so called super star..used to watch his movie for fun n he seems like a genuine guy ..Hez the best host for bb7 but it's a shame how he made up his mind for tanisha n arman..they the only good person according to him whatever they do he disregard ..why..I'm not Indian but I can clearly see he is not doing fair...
Den's picture
by Den (not verified) on
Salman khan so called super star..used to watch his movie for fun n he seems like a genuine guy ..Hez the best host for bb7 but it's a shame how he made up his mind for tanisha n arman..they the only good person according to him whatever they do he disregard ..why..I'm not Indian but I can clearly see he is not doing fair...
Rekha from Toronto's picture
by Rekha from Toronto (not verified) on
Your comments on twitter are uncalled for. Be mature and accept that you are biased. Love Gauhar.
ginita's picture
by ginita (not verified) on
look, i agree that kushal did stupidity by hitting andy but the severity of the situation was to be considered. showing off a girl's lingerie is not ACCEPTABLE. and i would have agreed to this decision of bigg boss to oust kushal if they would have at least taken a step against tanishha. they didnt even say anything to her and instead they are saying to her that they hope she will decide what is right. salma being partial is clearly visible. even last weekend, he didnt reprimand armaan for abusing tanissha instead is taking his side by saying that 'iska gussa hi aisa hai' i mean what the fuck has gotten into him. i used to idealize slman for being fair but now he is seeming no more than a spineless jerk
anvi's picture
by anvi (not verified) on
kushal should come back 2 the BB7 otherwise there is no point of watchin the show without him I WANT KUSHAL BACK!!!!!!!
armin's picture
by armin (not verified) on
It will be good to see kushal again in the show exiceted to see him realy missed u lot wondering to see u back come soon love u
peninsula's picture
by peninsula (not verified) on
Kushal not going to come back because of highly biased Salman beiman khan!!!!!!!
peninsula 's picture
by peninsula (not verified) on
Kushal will not be brought back because of highly biased Salman beiman khan!!!!!! And winner is already Fixed!! The Most insecure Tanisha mukharjee kohli!
Lashiiii's picture
by Lashiiii (not verified) on
There is nothing interested in the show now to watch.. Cant wait to see Kushal back in house. I am a big fan of salmaan, but after this, I am kinda hating him, because no matter what Tanisha and Armaan are doing, he is only putting it all on the other person.. Gauhar is just amazing. Its really sad to see her upset and low these days..
gold's picture
by gold (not verified) on
I am big fan of salman but the way he is biased to arman and tanisha those r the weak players that's the reason salman is protecting them.kushal is the real hero he stood for a woman respect his parents should be proud of
vishal.....'s picture
by vishal..... (not verified) on
people who dont want to watch the show because kushal is not there, can plz go ahead and change there channel, the show will still go on, salman awesome job done..
jibran's picture
by jibran (not verified) on
Mehta's picture
by Mehta (not verified) on
Its so sad here we are commenting on Salman khan who Is star already calling him Biased whyyyy??? Is it justified to throw things at women get her irritated and pushes you then tanisha is wrong Is it right if Andy irritates gauhar and then Kushal hits then Kushal is right Is it right for 6 weeks gauhar, Kushal , kamiya , pratusha and rest gang up against tanisha and makes her lonely But now when gouhar is back she feels lonely What you give you get back Worst thing all contestant are playing game and getting sympathy And we are feeling bad that one is right ad other is wrong It's GAME GUYS LETS JUST WATCH NOT GIVE THEM TOOO ATTENTION
ecole's picture
by ecole (not verified) on
kusal back chutiya kihu garjana hhai phelese keheratha chutiyo ko katdal
shakir ghate's picture
by shakir ghate (not verified) on
andy, tanisha, ellie and salman rocks, rest sucks. Salman was not biased at all, and if anyone think he was then thats their problem. Salman isn't bothered with .000001% fans of kushal and gauhar, and even if those figures were 100% still he would have done what he did. Cheers salman!! And andy, tanisha and ellie we all really wanna see either of u wining the show..
salman77799's picture
by salman77799 (not verified) on
Sabse pehle yeh cheap girl gauhar ko nikalo...uski harkatein ekdum pros typ hai aur woh deserve nhi hai bigboss ke show mein rehna...plz bigboss aur armaan ko ho sake toh yeh bolna sab bada gaand fattu hai himmat toh bahar akar sirf milne bolna fir usko aukaad dikhate hai...aur plz gauhar ko nikalo varna humari family yeh shw nhi dekegi muslim she is not a muslim jhooti bitch....


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