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Fielding the brickbats

DC | Deepika Ramesh | November 07, 2013, 13.57 pm IST

When Lakshmy Ramakrishnan’s directorial debut, 'Aarohanam', was reviewed by Bosskey, the filmmaker took umbrage at the remarks that were passed by the anchor. The director expressed her views on her microblogging site, which created a Twitter war. Many from the film fraternity agreed that satirical reviews reduce the shelf life of a film and quite a few producers and directors, who use Twitter, said that reviewers should wait a couple of days after the film’s release to let audiences watch the film with an open mind and they should also be more subtle in their views.

The topic is being discussed yet again after popular RJ and actor, Balaji tweeted that he had decided to remove the '120 Rooba' segment from his radio show for it hadn’t gone down well with filmmakers. Balaji’s '120 Rooba' was a hit among radio listeners as he created a laugh riot with what he revealed as his honest reviews. A few months ago, the radio jockey opened up about being threatened by a production company for airing a review, claiming that it had dampened the audience’s spirits. Although the radio jockey and the production company looked beyond their differences, this time around, when he reviewed the films that were released for Deepavali, something seems to have sabotaged Balaji’s enthusiasm, making him drop the segment. He made an official announcement on his Twitter page, “Ok here it goes. I am a normal guy who wants to do good work everyday and go home happy. I can’t really handle aftermath of every show on films. After a lot of thought, I have decided not to speak about films until there’s tolerance and maturity among certain people from film fraternity, which is most unlikely to happen. So, '120 show' is no more. Sorry to all those who liked it. Can’t be dishonest to the work I do. I will rather stop talking about films than to speak sugar-coated pleasing lies.”

Has Balaji succumbed to pressure from the film industry? The radio jockey denies it. “I am a simple and laid-back person. After every review, I don’t want to justify it and explain to many about why I choose to thrash a film. Not even once did I give a funny review about a good film. For example, I can never trash a film like Pizza. If my show has become a rage on the Internet, it proves that many agreed with my reviews,” he says. Almost a year ago, Balaji stopped his show, 'Cross Talk', after the unfortunate incident that happened after a nurse revealed information about Kate Middleton’s pregnancy to two Australian RJs, who played a prank on her. “If I was worried about listenership, I wouldn’t have stopped 'Cross Talk'. I found it morally incorrect, so I stopped. I am not doing any show for my publicity and I would never go against my integrity,” he says. Won’t his fans miss his show? “At the end of the day, the kind of job that I do should give me happiness. And I will do only that which will keep me peaceful. If not 'Cross Talk' or '120 Rooba', I can always come up with something else for my audience. I don’t believe in promoting my work. It will speak for itself,” he says. 


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