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Flying high on wings of humour

DC CORRESPONDENT | November 06, 2013, 13.17 pm IST

Born in Delhi, Rishi Piparaiya lived in Mumbai for most of his life. After finishing MBA at Cornell University, USA, he worked at Citibank in New York as well as India. Currently the director of marketing at Aviva Life Insurance, Rishi believes that if you have a story in you, don’t hold it back. Start writing!

What inspired you to write this book?
I have had this occasional habit of penning down satirical perspectives of routine things that happen around us. I just needed a topic. I have been taking flights for many decades now. And I just thought that it might be interesting to document my observations at airports and in airplanes. And what started as a 15-20 page fun essay quickly evolved into 'Aisle Be Damned'.

How do you think pictures add to the content?
I am particularly fond of the pictures in the book. If read in conjunction with the text, I believe they add to the humour of the situations. I have seen many folks just flipping through the pages and laughing at the pictures and captions. Lastly, Aisle Be Damned is fairly unique in terms of the subject matter as well as writing style and interspersing text with witty ‘out of context’ captioned pictures adds to the innovativeness of the entire book.

How are the characters and plot constructed?
The book is a hilarious take on air travel. It is split into 13 chapters that cover every aspect of air travel — starting from the creaky baggage trolley at Departures all the way to getting gypped by a taxi cab at Arrivals. The entire book is written from the author’s perspective.

How do you take out time to write?
I write best on flights. On my BlackBerry, in airplane mode, away from the prying eyes of co-passengers and cabin crew. Or late nights past 11pm; when the world is dreaming, so do I.

Any tips for aspiring authors?
There is just one difference between an aspiring author and a published one. A published author has switched on a laptop, poured pitchers of coffee and typed, typed, typed. 


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