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Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP a runaway hit?

DC | Ridhima Malhotra | November 05, 2013, 09.11 am IST

New Delhi: The British-era double storey house is abuzz with people pouring in and out and talking amongst themselves.

In the small veranda with a few tables and chairs, volunteers assist visitors, taking down their names and numbers and handing them Nehru caps with anti-corruption slogans written on them. There are stacks of posters and banners all over the place.

A stone’s throw away from Connaught Place in the heart of the national capital, the office of the Aam Aadmi Party in New Delhi constituency (to be represented by its CM candidate Arvind Kejriwal) is a place where anyone can walk in and feel at-home.

Among the several persons present in the crowded porch, a young boy talking loudly into a cell phone draws immediate attention.

“Sir aap is baar AAP ko hi vote dena. Congress ne toh 15 saal se Dilli ko loota hai. Aur BJP ne 12 saal se kya kiya hai MCD mein? (Sir please vote for the AAP this time. Congress has looted Delhi during the past 15 years of its rule and what has BJP done by staying in power in MCD for the past 12 years?” 13-year-old Sooraj yells into the phone.

When asked why he is promoting the party so enthusiastically at an age when he cannot even vote, his prompt reply was that he hasn’t seen a leader go among people and fast for their cause.

“I live in a shanty nearby with my family. While the posh locality has been beautified with gardens and roads, there is an unsightly underbelly where poor people like us live. I wrote to Sheila Dikshit once asking why she was not doing anything for people like us, but there was no reply. Kejriwalji is not like that,” said the class VII student of a government school.

Sooraj’s father Bijay Baba, a rickshaw puller, is also an ardent supporter of the AAP.

“I have been pulling the rickshaw and spreading awareness about the party. Kejriwalji is the only leader who can rid us of corruption. There is corruption everywhere, even when I go to a government hospital for treatment. Only AAP can change that,” he says.

Inside the house which has been rented to Kejriwal by a well-wisher for a token rent of rs 1 a month, a swarm of volunteers carries out various chores.

The volunteers come from many walks of life — there are students, professionals earning handsome salaries, businessmen, housewives, villagers, people from small towns, rickshawpullers, lawyers and even NRIs.


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KrishnanK's picture
by KrishnanK (not verified) on
We want Janlokpal Bill - In last 2 years we have done everything to get this bill passed.But Congress / BJP never passed it. We are going inside parliament this time. And will pass the bill...... Vote AAP !!
bluesky's picture
by bluesky (not verified) on
All signs of change r there.....its time to take a gaint stride. come on INDIA!!
Amit Shrivastava's picture
by Amit Shrivastava (not verified) on
This is true...there are three steps to this change... 1. Believe in the change (There will be best govt school and world class govt Hospital in India one day) 2. Be the change (Act for it-Whatever at your levels you can do..do---nothing ever is too less) 3. Keep you intent away from individualism (Good for all will eventually lead good for you anyways) I am goona vote for AAP-So should you If they still do not live to our expectations-its still OK (But I can't vote to other parties)


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