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‘Made in India’ software is all set to rule the world

DC | Sangeetha Chengappa | November 04, 2013, 08.56 am IST

Bengaluru: The Indian technology product landscape, which has been growing at a steady clip catering to both global and local needs, has reached a momentum where technology visionaries and experts predict that ‘Made in India’ software is all set to rule the world. Nowhere was this more evident than at the 10th edition of the recently concluded Nasscom Product Conclave which resembled the Kumbh Mela.

The Conclave venue remained crowded on all three days with over 1,400 participants who attended over  90 sessions that addressed almost every aspect of entrepreneurship such as, the art & science of building awesome products, how to create a founders’ agreement for your startup, learning to create a subscription business pricing framework, to winning pitches for Accelerator programs and B2B sales planning.

Unlike in the early years when entrepreneurship was limited to IT hubs like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai and Delhi/NCR, this time around, the Nasscom Emerge 50 Awards which supports the top 50 high-potential emerging organizations in the country consisted of 10 organizations from Tier 2 cities.

This year, Nasscom received 218 applications, up from 158 last year in the ‘Start-up’ category and 116 applications in the ‘Growth’ category compared to 92 last year. This year, Cloud has emerged as the platform of choice with 41 per cent of the applicants building solutions on it; followed by Internet-enabled services (37%), Enterprise applications (36%), Mobility (32%), Bigdata/Analytics (18%), Consumer applications (14%), Security (7%) and 17 per cent in other miscellaneous category.

Funding ecosystems have strengthened, with 42 per cent of the firms in the ‘Start-up’ category having received funding from VC, Angel, Seed or Government sources against 35 per cent last year. And in the ‘Growth’ category, the average revenue growth for the applicants was over 50 per cent year-on-year, pointed out Gururaj.  Here is a quick snapshot of the top ‘League of 10’ emerging product startups from the Emerge 50 list.


Founded in 2011 by Umasankar Mukkara, the company has developed a scalable, extensible storage platform that addresses issues related to legacy storage platforms and meets the evolving demands of new-age data centres. The company’s ElastiStor is a software-defined solution customized for virtual and cloud environments that guarantees performance of every application from a shared storage platform.


Founded in 2011 by Shivakumar Ganesan, the company’s core offering is toll-free, mobile and landline virtual numbers that can make and receive unlimited concurrent calls and send text messages. The service is completely configurable – users can add a custom welcome message and create links  to departmental extensions (sales, customer support, service etc), as well as use services such as voice-mail, call recording, and detailed call data reports on their numbers. Instead of investing in PABX systems, small organizations can quickly configure a cloud based, telephony service based on their custom requirements.


Founded in 2008 by Dr Vinod Vasudevan, Flytxt provides big data analytics powered revenue and customer experience management solutions to operators in the mobile telephony business to help them generate over 10 per cent economic value from their existing database. The company intends to leverage its big data technology and platform to other industry verticals as well, with the same promise to generate measurable economic value from available consumer data to create tangible business profit.

KeyPoint Technologies

Founded in 2004 by Sunil and Sumit Goswami, the company’s core offering Adaptxt, is a language intelligence engine that learns the usage pattern of users and adapts to their unique writing style. It is an intelligent keyboard app for touch screen devices with predictive capabilities and the ability to suggest words as you type. With a dynamic personal dictionary which includes the user’s personal words and context, the solution does not limit itself to word completion or correction.

LinkSmart Technologies

Founded in 2011 by Ashish, Chidananda and Pradeep, the company offers proprietary new security technology which prevents insider tampering, fraud and counterfeiting. Tampering of transit shipment is a huge problem for many organizations which is the painpoint LinkSmart addresses. Its security technology helps organizations establish accountability between point-of-packaging, points-of-transit and point-of-delivery.   


Founded in 2012 by Abishek, Jaiprakash, Mahesh, Sumant and Vinod, the company offers analytics as a service to the SME segment on a cloud based pay-as-you-use subscription model that helps eliminate the technology and cost issues associated with analytics. The company has created the Analytics Tree, which is an app store comprising predefined, domain and content rich analytic apps designed to suit specific domains.


Founded in 2009 by Avinash Sethi and Shirish Deodhar, the company addresses the problem of productivity that organizations face today. A patent pending software, the Sapience platform which can be delivered on the Cloud or on-premise, delivers automated work visibility, which results in productivity gains for organizations whose employees largely use computers for their work. It also helps employees because the software uses a set of automated rules to map the users’ work time into various activities, while smartly blocking personal time details from the organization.


Founded in 2008 by Ravi Saraogi and Umesh Sachdev, the company harnesses the power of voice technologies to enable enterprise communications platforms across a wide variety of industries. Low literacy levels and limited smartphone penetration have limited the ability of businesses to leverage these devices as a cost-effective service delivery channel. Uniphore uses speech recognition and voice biometrics technology to fix this problem, delivering apps that enable automated, secure and personalized conversations with users on any mobile phone, in any language.

Voice of Big Data

Founded in 2013 by Srinivas Kishan Anapu, the company offers optimized big data analytics solutions that allow clients to better visualize data and improve the quality of decision making. Another value add for customers is the company’s facial recognition product called, Facial Signature, identifies people from a crowd, extracts the image, compares it with a database and creates a unique ID by using a mix of 2D and 3D technology. This can be used for fraud investigation, security and law enforcement owing to its real-time processing capabilities.


Founded in 2009 by Bushair, Bijoy, Krishnan, Manu, Nithun and Shiv, the company’s product BounzD, has helped its customers improve their customer acquisition and sales cycle metrics while reducing the cost of sales. BounzD is a live inbound interaction platform for generating inbound leads for businesses. It provides voice connectivity on the web and generates voice call based analytics for businesses across the world. It is being used by large and medium enterprises to generate voice interaction based analytics for marketing and campaign decision making. 



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