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Actor Shweta Menon alleges molestation, plans to write to CM; Congress MP Peethambara Kurup denies charge

PTI | November 03, 2013, 01.11 am IST

Kollam (Kerala): Leading Malayalam film actor Shweta Menon, who was allegedly molested by Congress MP N. Peethambara Kurup, on Saturday said she would lodge a formal complaint with Chief Minister Oommen Chandy about the 'humiliation' she suffered.

"As a woman I feel degraded and disrespected and I will be giving a complaint to the chief minister," she told reporters at Kochi.

73-year-old Kurup, however, termed the allegation as 'untrue'.

"For the time being it needs to be seen only as a politically motivated move when elections are approaching. It is painful that any kind of malicious attack could be unleashed against me just because I am a politician," he said.

Shewta, along with her husband Sreevalsan Menon, met office-bearers of various film industry bodies, including AMMA at Kochi, about the Friday evening incident. Sreevalsan said a complaint had already been drawn up and it just needed to be e-mailed to the chief minister seeking appropriate action.

"We have decided to send this to the chief minister and we have requested him to take action," Shewata said claiming that the film fraternity has pledged full support to her.

Asked repeatedly about the person allegedly involved in the incident, the actress, who has so far not named her tormentor, said all the details were in the complaint. Shweta said what pained her most was that the District Collector 'ignored' her complaint.

"The collector said I did not speak to him. He has let me down as a person," she said.

Rejecting Kurup's contention that the charge was part of a politically motivated move, she said, "This is not politics and there is no question of me backing out from by complaint. I know I will get support from all sides."

Shweta was allegedly molested by the Congress MP Friday evening at the venue of the President's Trophy boat race in Kollam. The television footage of the event showed the MP moving towards the actress and touching her. The incident has triggered strong protests from film fraternity and women outfits.

Shweta had claimed Friday night itslef that she had told the district collector B. Mohanan of the bitter experience she suffered. 

Seizing on this, women activists and opposition political leaders voiced strong resentment at the 'failure' of the authorities to act against the MP based on her oral complaint or take a suo moto action by taking cognisance of the TV visuals.

Leader of CPI(M)'s women outfit and Rajya Sabha member T.N. Seema criticised the Collector for taking lightly the complaint of actor. 

Meanwhile, Chandy told reporters at Kottayam that he had not received any complaint from the actor so far. "If we get a complaint, after investigation appropriate action will be taken,." he said.

Condemning the incident, CPI(M) stalwart and state opposition V.S. Achuthanandan said it was deplorable that the authorities had not bothered to act on either the actor's oral complaint or on their own.

State Women's Commission member Licy Jose said in Kochi she would take up the case before the panel and her personal view was that it was fit case for suo moto action.

While many Congress leaders expressed personal resentment at the incident the party was yet to take an official stand on the incident. Meanwhile, the pro-Left youth outfit took out marches at several places across the state and burnt Kurup's effigy. 

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Ajay09876's picture
by Ajay09876 (not verified) on
There seems to no sexual assault at the stage as seen on the TV. Looks like it is a political conspiracy and also a way to make money with false allegations. Men are becoming victim of these kind of conspiracy and exotortion
Rexy's picture
by Rexy (not verified) on
Exactly U R Right I appreciate U
anto 's picture
by anto (not verified) on
hi man , how come it is a political conspiracy.No It is not like that. he took advantage of that .any common sense people can understand. onnu mutti nokiyatha.kittiyal kitti athra thanne
Asokan Mannil Nair's picture
by Asokan Mannil Nair (not verified) on
Not making any official complaints for several days after the incident, and popping up with allegations does't suit anyone's stature. We all know shweta Menon well... She is a public property because she is an actress. Anyways these oldies... need to curb their sentiments... controll your self " as said by our Sanjubaba" Hope Kurupp mst have thought itz.. any ways a good masala news
Steve Mathen's picture
by Steve Mathen (not verified) on
You should rephrase the public property as a public figure or personality. The term property comes from the deep rooted mentality in our society :)
ok's picture
by ok (not verified) on
Calling a women a public property speaks volumes about ones Culture. I sincerely Pity the women who raised this person.
Cheliyil Nair's picture
by Cheliyil Nair (not verified) on
Mr Asokan Mannil Nair, the comment that someone is public property because she is an actress is a comment not befitting your stature. You are an idiot just like the oldie you are referring to..
KKN's picture
by KKN (not verified) on
Dear stupid Asokan Are you born by a Woman.?
rajendran p's picture
by rajendran p (not verified) on
dear asokan mannil the name is worth for u if ur family member is an actress someone say it is a public property how do you feel At least u should consider as a human being
Anonymous's picture
by Anonymous (not verified) on
rajendran "look before u leep first" find out what actually happenned. As you know in the present trend there is a competition in the media so just find out what happened first then say somethinig or quarrel with any person, I feel like she is saying this for her publicity because all her films and tv channels are now a flop for her.
Ajayakumar S. 's picture
by Ajayakumar S. (not verified) on
May be true. I support Swetha Menon.
Geo's picture
by Geo (not verified) on
mannile nayare - the touch and feel by the bore happended only yeserday and ajay men with out that like you are a bane to any society what tv are you referring to
anand ranga rao's picture
by anand ranga rao (not verified) on
any allegation against a politician at present, will be attributed to "For the time being it needs to be seen only as a politically motivated move when elections are approaching. It is painful that any kind of malicious attack could be unleashed against me just because I am a politician,"
nandu00999's picture
by nandu00999 (not verified) on
i am unable to understand what's wrong here. the acresses films are continously being flopped and may be she raised to get support. when she showed here own child's birth on the film, the same people shouted at here. she seems to be a left loyalist who has done this to divert attention from kannur fiasco.
Rexy's picture
by Rexy (not verified) on
What nandu siad perfectlr right. She wants publicity. For that publicity she is putting an old man who is her fathers age into trouble. Anyway GOD is seeing all this. Nobody will support her in films or tv channels if she is trying to make a publicity in this way


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