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BIn‘das’ writer

DC | Arka Sengupta | October 23, 2013, 14.07 pm IST

Bengaluru - based debutant writer Sudipto Das, recently published his novel, The Ekkos Clan. After its release in July 2013, the book has become one of the bestsellers on Flipkart.
Sudipto was born into a Bangladeshi family which moved to Kolkata during the Partition. “My desire to set a part of the story in Bangladesh is because of my origin,” says Sudipto.

The Ekkos Clan is a mystery novel which revolves around Kratu and his search for the killers of his family. “I wanted to write about ancient Indian history as I am fascinated by it. I was always intrigued by George Lucas’s Indiana Jones series.

When I started writing, I figured that writing about ancient history in a mystery fiction format would interest readers. So, I began to write about the origins of our culture and the Vedas,” he says.

Sudipto claims that his novel is different from the other English novels written in the mystery genre. “The book is not a thriller. It is a novel which has a lot of riddles to solve and right at the end of solving every riddle, a clear picture of the mystery is revealed. It is more like the Feluda series by Satyajit Ray, as I grew up reading his works.

Moreover, the entire novel is more of a screenplay. When you read it you will actually, be able to visualise every sequence vividly,” says a reflective Sudipto. Limitation is not something which he wants to impose on himself.

He has recently completed the first draft of his second novel Prembajar, which is based on romance and relationships “My second novel will be light and breezy and something which people would easily relate to. But, I do plan to continue with the sequel to The Ekkos Clan. In fact, I am planning a trilogy. But, the series will require a lot of attention and time because of its background and the extensive research required for it,” says Sudipto.

Apart from writing, Sudipto is passionate about music and really digs into Rabindra Sangeet and compositions of Salil Chowdhury.  He is a violinist trained in western classical music and currently plays for a band called Kohal. 


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