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Akkineni Nageswara Rao has cancer

Chakpak | October 23, 2013, 09.10 am IST

Veteran actor and Dadasaheb Phalke awardee Akkineni Nageswara Rao is suffering from cancer. Akkineni himself revealed this at a press meet on Saturday morning.

Speaking at the meet Akkineni said, “I got stomach pain on October 8. I went to doctor. After conducting all examinations doctors said I got cancer. But it is a boon that I got cancer in this age. If cancer is affected in small age, cancer virus will spread fast in the body it seems. As I got in the old age, with me even cancer cells will get aged. It isn’t like we will die if we get cancer. In my movies I have shown like that. But technology has developed very well now. Yuvaraj Singh is the best example. He has not just won over cancer but also giving India victories.

Long back I have undergone a heart surgery. They said that I would live for just 14 years after that. But even now I am living. Who knows I may live for more time after cancer. Cancer might have come to help me set a new record. Why I am telling this openly is, I myself want to reveal everything to media and people, before rumors and misinformation spreads. I act on screen but not in real life. Before people knowing through some others, it would be better if they know it through me. The record for long living in my family is about 96 years. I want to cross that age limit and set a new milestone. If your blessings are with me, I will live for 100 years.”


ANR shocks with Cancer diagnosis

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tttt's picture
by tttt (not verified) on
I love your english .. ..!! Shud have added a bit more..masala....
Maya Reddy's picture
by Maya Reddy (not verified) on
Who cares if this person lives for 96 or 100. What is the use of him pulling up to that age. Does anyone benefit from it, except his family?
prao's picture
by prao (not verified) on
His story is an inspiration to the rest to live a life of discipline..there is always something to learn from people who have acheived something in their lives...
Maya Reddy's picture
by Maya Reddy (not verified) on
What inspiration did he give you? Is it to live a life for 100 years.May i know what discipline did you learn from him? My dear, all is due to his money power which he earned with a philosophy of " Make hay when sun shines"
Karthick Guest's picture
by Karthick Guest (not verified) on
He will live for people who care for him. Every individual will like to benefit his family friends and people who care for him. May be you should try and find people who cares for you, So that you live longer like him. And im sure you wont find people to care for you :-(
May Reddy's picture
by May Reddy (not verified) on
Those who are in need of our riches will always stay beside us. This is an age old theory!
ganga666's picture
by ganga666 (not verified) on
Google his name Then google yours. ... He is called a star....u won't understand. .. does your neighbor know you. .. You great grandchildren will also know this gr8 gr8 ...grandfather..ask them the same q. He heee
nam's picture
by nam (not verified) on
Why do you people treat hero's like gods. Take it easy kiddos .. we are all hero's. Take my advise and treat yourself as a Hero rather than good for nothing, always money making, blood sucking, cheap hero's you guys are after.
Telugu Cinema Fan's picture
by Telugu Cinema Fan (not verified) on
Oh, really? What is the 'use' of your living in this world, right now. I don't know the society or your family needs you with such cheap views or cancerous thoughts running in your brain...The people in the state or even the country, hold him in high regard for his contribution to the Cinema and the entertainment he provided to the masses for decades. Apart from being a great family man, his life is an epitome of discipline and values which the citizens would sure like to emulate.
Krishna_blr's picture
by Krishna_blr (not verified) on
Does it mean that people should die, just because they are not useful anymore? That sounds very insensitive. No matter a person is 100 years or even more, I think one should wish even longer life.
Razak's picture
by Razak (not verified) on
He is a well disciplined person in his life style and food habits, one can see how active he is at age 90. Wonder how cancer caught him, may be a very rare random case. Pray, he spends his future part of life comfortable, painlessly and peacefully.
anandarao's picture
by anandarao (not verified) on
Give it to the man. He is a real hero. Not many will have the courage to talk of terminal illness.He ia a man of great will power and i do hope he lives long enough to complete his wish of living for 100 years. Earlier he has battled twice and emerged victorious. He will emerge a winner again.
YR's picture
by YR (not verified) on
Definitely he is a Hero. The way he spoke frankly emphasizes his personality. Best wishes to him
May Reddy's picture
by May Reddy (not verified) on
Instead of vetting and looking for others profile on Google, it is better if your do something constructive which is useful to you or your family in any way. And stop trolling guys!
positive energy's picture
by positive energy (not verified) on
May, you must be very hurt in life to find unhappiness in every person's life. Good or bad he lived and was happy. He had positive thoughts about fighting something negative. No matter how old he was..He behaved stronger than many of us..let's praise his good and pray that his soul rests in peace. Not always positive energies help..but they makes us happy people as long as we live.
Ravinder Thota's picture
by Ravinder Thota (not verified) on


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