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‘Visakhapatnam as capital’ buzz on FB

DC | S.N.V. Sudhir | October 19, 2013, 11.10 am IST
 United Andhra supporters distribute flowers to APSRTC staff who joined duties after a long break. 	— DC
United Andhra supporters distribute flowers to APSRTC staff who joined duties after a long break. — DC

Visakhapatnam: As the Samaikyandhra stir fizzled out , after  the AP NGOs called off their stir, and one after the other the Congress elected representatives, toeing the line of the party high command on the  split, and race to  the capital has intensified and the voices demanding special packages for the region have become vociferous,  especially on social media. Vizag, Vijayawada-Guntur, Ongole and Tirupati are in the race for the capital.

Vizag youth seems to be leading by generating much needed buzz on the  social media sites like Facebook. They have recently launched a campaign in all the Vizag-related groups on Facebook asking the locals to send emails en masse to the Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), under which the GoM  looks into the aspects of   state  bifurcation works, demanding Vizag to be made capital of the residuary  state Andhra Pradesh.

To make things easier and get the feeling of   “Just a click away”,  moderators and administrators of these groups facilitated the enthusiastic Vizagites, with a cut and paste job. They have provided all the necessary material, information on the salient features of Vizag and also the qualities that makes the city an ideal capital.

Interestingly, they have chosen Dasara to begin the campaign. “Guys, it’s a great opportunity for us to make our voices heard.  Send emails with the contents below. Just copy and paste all the matter below and just send the email from your email address to 

This will reach the Group of ministers who  are looking into Seemandhra issues after bifurcation. !! Please cooperate now. Let’s make an effort and try to find success! Yo Vizag! There you go!!  Cheers guys!! Thanks for cooperation !”  This is what the administrator  of “Vizag capital for Seemandhra" group has said.

A similar campaign was launched on the other Vizag -related groups like  “Railway/Airway Injustice to Vizag”, which has 799 members and “We  want Visakhapatnam only under south central railways”, which has 1,546 members. “Vizag capital for Seemandhra” group has as many as 5,415 members.

Many issues, including, the city being in the one corner of the state, which is considered as a disadvantage for being capital is being discussed and debated on this page. “See Chennai, Trivandrum, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Bhubaneswar etc. where are they located in their states,” said Gangulu Vasipilli, a member of the group. They have also vented our their anger to some reports that Union minister of state for commerce and industry, D Puarndeswari,  has allegedly started lobbying for Vijayawada to be made capital.

“What are we going to do if our own MP starts supporting another city  for the capital? How can we mitigate the damage? Though in the  article, it is no where stated she said she will support Vijayawada,  but it seems behind the negotiation doors, there is good possibility  she could support Vijayawada cause rather than our own,” said August Stein Vizaglover Surya and added, “Enough madam, you already ditched and  back stabbed people of your constituency Visakha-patnam. Even though  Vizagites elected you as MP, you are pitching in to make Vijayawada  as the capital. What a shame. You are not being faithful to Vizagites.

Now with your talk on Vijayawada capital, you have further aggravated  the problem. Now there is no option for Uttarandhra, but to go for a  separate state now. Jai Uttarandhra. Politicians for their personal  gains have ruined this state.” 


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Surya Vizaglover's picture
by Surya Vizaglover (not verified) on
Thank you Sudhir sir for this piece in the DC. We appreciate your support. Cheers!
David234's picture
by David234 (not verified) on
Vijayawada is the best choice. Centrally located and well connected.
Krsidhna's picture
by Krsidhna (not verified) on
This article is bit too early given the turmoil. DC seems to be in a hurry to see separate state. Vizag is not fit for Capital.
David234's picture
by David234 (not verified) on
If Vizag wants a separate state, they should ask for it. But they are not going to get the capital. Bezwada is the best option.
Andhraian's picture
by Andhraian (not verified) on
Yeah this Might be the writers' INNERVIEW but how dare to publish in a Newspaper. Dont Raise the Issue and Generate Misbeliefs among our own people. Even Telanganites don't do that. They have only said it,but instead you are publishing directly in a wellversed paper. Shame!
Andhrian's picture
by Andhrian (not verified) on
Seperate State Demand Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These Vizag people are asking Seperate State even Before another Crisis(telangana) is Going on. Then How can the Remaining Andhra People trust them and leave CAPITAL for VIZAG???????? Who Knows after Development in VIZAG they too might ask for a seperate UTTARANDHRA!!!!!! So, Good decision will be not to choose capital in VIZAG.
Andhrian's picture
by Andhrian (not verified) on
Ya Frnds all your contentions may be correct but don’t go self decisions. Think of the opportunities as the Capital should be the one which attracts all the Upcoming Investors and it Should be in par with that of Hyderabad for which Investors had already queued. But at the simultaneous instance this decision should not spoil the selfrespect of the various regions. We will be similar of Telangana people if we fight for capital Vizag and Kurnool may be good but the distance sequences have to be answered. Ongole which doesn’t have distance problem may not attract investors even if it has been made a capital although it has abundant lands having to be developed from the scratch. My contention is that Vijayawada-Guntur may be an ideal case. Because 1. Distance sequences may be answered (centre to all the regions). 2. Comming to land problems which is not at all a problem, because mergers with nearby villages may gather a vast of government land 3. Keen Point to be noticed is Synergy Effect (1+1=3), as this is only the region with 2+1(includes Eluru) developed cities in a same region located so closely. By joining these cities we can achieve such Synergy. 4. Port problem also could not get in scene because slight motion in machilipatnam may derive us that advantage also. 5. Comming to the point of Splitting the capitals has no use because a capital should be a place where there should be everything required for the state. In such case only it can be in records of India or else no one even cares it 6. Connectivity is another striking feature among all the other options because this V-G region has best road, rail and air connectivity and with some mergers there may be connections to Waterways. 7. As already known as Financial and Cine capital, Vijayawada has a power to raise its voice at the centre to meet the requirements for its state and Guntur will be an additional strength 8. I think it may also solve the Self respect crisis as this Place may comfort all the regions. Please don’t take it silly because this decision should prove to TELANAGANA that Andhra People have SATTHA to be develop on their own even if the had lost a big city like Hyderabad. Think by stepping into the shoes of people belonging to other regions as that may only get us an EXCELLENT DECISION and if we do a mistake now there may be no time for us to rectify it. Thanks for spending time with my sentences.
TV Ramam's picture
by TV Ramam (not verified) on
Capital does not have any importance for a state except that all the ministries and its important departments get concentrated at a place. People who wants approach these departments for getting their works done will have an easy access from all over the state and it should be easily accessible. To this extent the concept is OK. But once you make any city as the new capital then the required infrastructural facilities will grow ten fold whether they require or not as unwanted development grows all around the capital on competition. Infrastructure means like Hotels, small and big companies, factories, Roads, shops, Residential Buildings and apartments. To date Government has not anounced the capital or else the so called agitation of "SAMAIKHYANDHRA" would have fizzled out long back and people will become busy in selling and purchasing of land / buildings etc in and around the so called capital. There is one com paining going on by the Business men / factory owners , intellectuals that a capital should be away from the main stream and to be developed extremely separate from the main stream and no construction activity to be allowed in the nearby radius of 50 Km. It is not possible in India to maintain this with the given mentality of people, Political atmosphere, land lobby / land mafia. Central Government even if they say that good packages will be given to Seemandhra, I have my own doubts that they will provide the assistance as promised. History proves this taking the cases of Chattisgarh, Jharkhand or Uttarakhand states. In vie of this we have to calculate the minimum required expenditure and develop a capital and the balance amount can be utilised for the development of various industries at various places of andhra without placing all the industries at a place so that there will be an overall development in the state. Similarly colleges, Universities, IT Industries.etc. As on date it appears that VISAKHAPATNAM is the only city appears to be meeting the requirements with minimum expenditure with availability of an International Airport, Industrial area, Power Industry, Universities, Colleges. Keep all the upcoming major Industries away from VIZAG and let them be nearby so that the products from these industries can be exported, allow only pollution free industries or IT indutries in Vizag. Distribute all other industries, Universities, Medical and Engineering Colleges based on the resources and spread them from Srikakulam to Chittor. If necessary the city of Kurnool can be made the second capital of Andhra pradesh. In my opinion by making Vizag as the capital we can spend less on infrastructure and use the balance for other areas.balance
Andhrian's picture
by Andhrian (not verified) on
Any ways these Vizag people always support Vizag even if we say about the real scenario. The thing they are showing is quiet Insignificance. Even some people are showing Chennai to cover up the concept of Central feature of Capital. To note Chennai is more useful to andhra people than the Tamil ones because it is almost very nearer to most important cities of andhra than Tamilnadu. The same happens with Vizag which will not cater to the Unemplyment of andhra instead gathers good thing for Orissa etc. Note that Capital should be at the centre. Remaining states like tamilnadu,karnataka havent followed that because they have no other options. But now we have got that chance.Let us utilise this Chance to better extent to make a well developed Seemandhra.
Ravi varma's picture
by Ravi varma (not verified) on
The new capital should be developed in between vizayawada and visakhapatnam. the area between these cities will be a wonderful place . once it is developed it will become a wonderful capital with near by two big cities with a industrial and business corrridor. the two major cities vsp and bza should be connected with a dedicated rail network by connecting all major ports and dedicated express trians for passengers. developing a new place always advantage for a coastal andhra region. having two big corporations connected with a new state capital (green capital) with a well planned infrastructure ,like roads , water reservoirs and education fecilities , and creating a capital with less pollution always attracts more people to invest. best planned city always attracts more investment. creating vizag or vizayawada as a capital is difficult. because these two cities now facing problems with poor sanitation , narrow roads and more traffic problems and many more issues should be taken into account.
Venkatewarlu's picture
by Venkatewarlu (not verified) on
Vizag is THE ONLY city which can take on Hyderabad. Vijaywada is nothing more than a bus stand and railway station. Any other city as AP capital, we will be reduced to a jarkhand or chattisgarh state like. Vizag has the necessary infrastructure in place which isnt the case with BZA or smalll villages like guntur and kurnool.


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